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Friday, February 12, 2016

Best way for Sacroiliac Joint pain Exercise

Bismillahirahmanirahim , As we need to understand Sacroiliac joint is where your tailbone or sacrum joins your hipbone, also called the pelvis or ilium. The function of this this joint is held together by many tight bands called ligaments. The reason of the pain may because of stretch over time because of poor postures, accidents, falls, repeated movements, or pregnancy. Pain in the lower back can result from this problem .As I mention last time in my post , today is a sharing time for exercise how to manage a sacroiliac joint pain. This exercise is one of the alternatives to manage a back pain and also to improve a posture awareness.  .

1.       Leg Cross Squeze

Lie on your back. Use a box or several firm pillows under your lower legs and rest your head on a small pillow. Cross your right or left  leg over the other. Squeeze your legs together. Hold, then relax and repeat.

2.       Ball Squeze/ Adductor squeze

Lie on your back. Rise up onto your elbows to support your upper body, or you can lie flat. Bend your knees, resting your feet flat. Place a pillow or ball between your knees. Push your knees together, squeezing the pillow or ball. Hold, then relax and repeat

Abductor press

3.       Lie on your back, with your knees bent. Tie a belt or wide cloth strip loosely around your knees. Push your knees out against the belt. Hold, then relax and repeat

 Spine Rotate

4.       Lay on your left or right side. Bend your top leg and rest it in front of your lower leg. Turn your upper body to face the ceiling. Push your top leg against the floor or table. Hold, then relax and repeat

Stairs climb up/Down

5.       Stand on a step, holding onto a railing for support.  Stand with your left or right  foot on the step and let your other foot dangle.  Relax and hold this position for   10 sec .

All this exercise is simple to practise and the most important is to make sure the exercise is going consistently remember to use good body mechanics and posture to ease stress on your SI joint. Here the tips I want to share with you
·         Avoid postures that put uneven weight on one side or the other, such as:
·         Crossing your legs frequent especially in sitting to long
·         When you stand make sure you don’t Putting all your weight on one leg while standing in prolong position
·         Try to avoid a resting your weight on one hip while sitting.
·         Avoid bending at the waist to pick up things off the floor , try to use a kneeling technique
·         Avoid stair climbing or walking up steep inclines frequently

You need to monitor and make sure inform to your therapist or Dr when you have increased pain down your legs , suddenly feeling weakness in your legs and you have experience  loss of control of your urine flow. Wallahuaklam.
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