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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Kidney disease For Urban People.

Kidney disease affects more people living in urban areas.

Bismillahirahmanirahim,Kidney disease affects more people living in urban areas. Kidney stones can form on the kidneys themselves, in the kidney, bladder or in the bladder. How come the mischievous stone is there, which even though it has already come out will form again?

Blood flow to the kidneys contains a lot of certain compounds. Because there are precipitating factors, these compounds are concentrated in the urine to form crystals - at this time sufferers usually do not feel any symptoms. However, from time to time these crystals settle and more and more until finally attached to each other and form solid stones which are often referred to as kidney stones. The shape and size of kidney stones can vary, from small to about 5 cm in diameter. Most types of kidney stones have a calcium base material that can be clearly seen through x-rays. In addition there are also types of kidney stones that contain gout which are related to gout. This type cannot be seen with x-rays. There are also magnesium, ammonium, phosphate, and many other types. Studies Prove Kidney Patients Increasing Increasingly from Year to Year

      Research conducted in the United States states that kidney stone sufferers reach millions of people each year. Every year the sufferer continues to grow, and each person has a risk of about 10 percent of kidney stones. Some people just know that he has kidney stones while urinating. Usually sufferers are surprised because the urination is not smooth, and there is pain. Kidney stones begin to clog urine and infection usually occurs. Complaints of feeling of wanting to urinate that is not complete is often overlooked by most people, even though this complaint can be a sign of a disruption in kidney function. Especially if the incident recurs and within a period of more than a week. This disease sometimes does not cause complaints. But the symptoms that arise are the waist aches and Pulling. The pain will arise when the stones damage the tissue or carried into the urinary tract so that it clogs. The formation of kidney stones does not occur in a short time, but in annual time. Depending on how big the content of stone-forming substances in the urine, the volume of daily drinking, whether or not there is a lack of fluid for a long time, a history of urinary tract infections, and urinary restraint habits. Poor drinking, frequent fasting, frequent bowel movements and vomiting are also factors that accelerate and facilitate the formation of kidney stones.
      Does kidney stone treatment always have to be operated on? Small stones that don't cause symptoms, blockages or infections usually don't need to be treated. Drinking plenty of fluids will increase the formation of urine and help remove some stones; if the stone has been removed, there is no need for immediate treatment. But if the stone is already large, further treatment will be needed, either in the form of surgery or lithotrips (breaking the stone with a laser beam). Efforts to overcome can also be done by using natural ingredients to shed kidney stones and remove them. Natural herbs or herbs are generally diuresis which results in spending urine more regularly so that helps prevent the formation of kidney stones. Duration of use depends on the size of kidney stones, ranging from several days to a maximum of six weeks of use. Now there are natural ingredients available to help sufferers of kidney stones that can be purchased at pharmacies. The ideal way to deal with kidney stones is not only to shed and remove the stones from the body, but also to reduce the pain that arises and prevent the re-formation of kidney stones themselves. In addition, kidney stone sufferers are advised to drink plenty of water, at least eight glasses per day, so that urine flow can be increased to thin the concentration of stone-forming substances. By regularly exercising and still eating foods with balanced nutrition will prevent kidney stone disease. The kidneys have the task of neutralizing and removing all toxic substances that enter the body. The extraordinary task of the kidneys will be disrupted if we drink less. No need to overdo it because excessive consumption of water can actually burden you because it triggers more frequent going to the bathroom, including bad effects on heart and kidney function.
Do not underestimate the usefulness of water! Never ignore and underestimate the benefits of water. However, you also need to be selective in choosing water to consume. Drinking water must meet health aspects, generally water consists of H2O, but the body also needs water that contains minerals (sodium, potassium, chlorine) so that muscles can move. Whatever water is wasted, it must be immediately replenished, including when you wake up to replace lost body fluids. Is there enough water you drink today? Wallahuaklam..

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The Danger of Dog Bite.

First Aid When You Are Bitten by a Dog

Bismillahirahmanirahim,Bitten by a dog is a fairly common occurrence, and most victims are children between the ages of 5 and 9. Like most types of animal bites, dog bites can usually be treated with simple first aid at home to prevent the viruses and bacteria from dogs from being transmitted. Because basically animal saliva contains millions of bacteria that can cause infection.

Which body parts are most commonly bitten by dogs?
It is important to know the pattern of dog bites. The front dog teeth are usually used to catch the victim, while other teeth pull the surrounding skin when they start biting. The result of the bite can be a hole in the skin such as a puncture wound, which is made by the dog's front teeth, and there is a wound on the part of the skin that is scratched.
In addition, for child victims, the neck and face area, especially the lips, nose and cheeks, are common areas of the body if bitten by a dog. Whereas more common adults are bitten on body parts such as the arms, arms and legs.

First aid when bitten by a dog
If you, or someone else you know is bitten by a dog, it's likely to be a small bite that can be treated at home by following the steps like this:

  1. Clean the wound immediately after being bitten. The trick, rinse with warm water for several minutes with a clean cloth or cotton ball.
  2. If the wound has been bitten by a dog and has not bleed, hold the wound gently to remove blood, which will serve to prevent the bacteria from entering the wound.
  3. Give painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen to reduce pain and swelling.
  4. After that, you can apply antibiotic ointment to the wound. Dry for a while, then wrap with a bandage or clean gauze.
  5. Because it can risk infection, the National Health Service also recommends asking for medical help, after you have been bitten by a dog

Characteristics of infection after being bitten by a dog
If you suspect that you are infected, get medical attention immediately to the nearest clinic, health center or hospital. Sometimes the bite of an infected animal can cause blood poisoning (sepsis), infection of the inner lining of the heart (endocarditis) or infection of the outer layer of the brain (meningitis). The following are body signs that indicate an infection:
  • Dog bite injuries are more painful from the first time
  • The wound becomes red and swollen around the bite
  • Exit fluid or pus from bite wounds
  • Having a fever with a temperature of 38 ° C or more, and a shivering body condition
The characteristics of dogs want to bite
Before being bitten by a dog, it's a good idea to be vigilant and watch for signs that the dog will bite. At first, maybe the dog will give a signal that indicates that the dog does not want to be disturbed. One of his movements included licking his lips, yawning, and turning his head. Also pay attention to the following dog movements:
  1. The dog will show its teeth while looking at you
  2. Hair on the back of the dog will rise up
  3. The dog's ears will move backwards against the head or forward
  4. The dog's legs will tighten
  5. If you think a dog will bite you, it's good not to run, but keep calm. If you can, try to get something (usually a rock) between you and the dog. Position your body to stand up straight with your legs, and make your arms stick in while making fists that point to the dog. Don't look directly at the dog's eyes, because this will be interpreted as a sign that you will attack, then look down or to the other side of the dog.
By standing still, the dog will lose interest in biting, and you may be able to retreat slowly. Wallahuaklam.

Skafulonar Ligament Injury

Skafulonar Ligament Injury and what you need to understand?

Bismillahirahmanirahim ,The scafolunar ligament, as the name implies, is a ligament or connective tissue that connects the scaphoid bone and lunatum bone. These ligaments make both bones stable with each other as long as the wrist movements bend up and down. This ligament is one of the wrist ligaments that is often injured. The mechanism of injury to the ligament resembles the mechanism that causes TFCC injury, which relies on the hand when falling. If a TFCC injury causes pain on the side of the little finger, the scafolunar ligament injury causes pain in the center of the wrist.
         The diagnosis of torn scafolunar ligaments is established through physical examination, x-rays, and other imaging such as MRI. Generally, the scapholunar ligament tear will cause the scaphoid bone to spin away from the lunatum bone, which will be seen as the distance between the scaphoid and lunatum on X-ray examination.

       The distance between the two bones resembles the distance on the two front teeth as actor Terry Thomas. This 'Terry Thomas' sign shows chronic and more severe tears, which cannot be corrected by a simple procedure. Ideally, the diagnosis of skafolunar ligament tear is confirmed before the 'Terry Thomas sign' is seen. Scafolunar ligament tear is also not rarely detected during arthroscopic procedures for diagnosis or treatment of other conditions in the wrist. Scafolunar ligament repair can be done through arthroscopy. Arthroscopy is a diagnostic and therapeutic action that aims to see (-copy) into the joint (artros-) to repair any damage found. Arthroscopy is done by making a small incision and then inserting a pencil-sized device consisting of a camera and lamp to see the structure inside the joint. The device is then connected to the monitor so that the doctor and patient can see the inside of the joint. To repair torn ligaments, doctors usually perform a reconstruction procedure to connect the torn ligament.
     untreated scafolunar igaments will cause instability in the scapholunar joint. Chronic instability will cause changes in the wrist joint, known as SLAC (scapholunate advanced collapse), where the scafolunar ligament injury causes weakness of the thumb side of the wrist.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Bulimia the silent killer Part 2 .

Get to know the Bulimia PART 2

Bismillahirahmanirahim, to continue to understand regarding bulimia , here the continue part for the readers to read and to be more understand regarding bulimia.

Risk Factors and Causes
More women experience bulimia than men. This condition is also more common in adolescents and young women. Individuals who experience it usually know that their eating patterns are abnormal. They often feel guilty about episodes of eating a lot and vomiting.
The exact cause of bulimia is unknown. Genetic, psychological, family, social and cultural factors are contributing factors. These factors usually play each other or are commonly referred to as multifactorial.

What are the dangers of bulimia for sufferers?
The risks associated with bulimia are quite severe, for example:

  1. Chronic sore throat, burning sensation in the chest due to gastric acid reflux (rising into the esophagus).
  2. Inflammation and sores in the esophagus (esophagus) and stomach due to repeated vomiting.
  3. Ulcers (ulcers) in the stomach and small intestine.
  4. Irregular bowel movements, constipation and / or diarrhea due to laxative abuse (laxative).
  5. Osteoporosis (brittle bones).
  6. Menstrual disorders.
  7. Increased risk of infertility in men and women. Read: Characteristics of a Sterile Woman to Be Aware of
  8. Irregular or slow heart rate which increases the risk of heart failure.

Physical signs that can also appear include:
  1. Damage to the eye blood vessels (due to pressure when vomiting).
  2. Dry mouth.
  3. Rash (skin rash) and zits.
  4. Blood tests can indicate electrolyte disturbances (such as low potassium levels) or dehydration
Bulimia Nervosa treatment
A person with bulimia rarely has to go to the hospital except:
  1. Having anorexia.
  2. Having severe depression.
  3. Need medicine to help him stop vomiting
Most bulimia treatments require a gradual approach. Treatment depends on how much bulimia and individual response to treatment:
The key factor for journey of recovery for bulimia patient is
  • Support from family or friends can help overcome mild bulimia without other health problems.
  • Counseling, for example speech therapy and nutritional therapy as the main therapies for bulimia that do not respond with support as above.
  • Medications for treating depression, for example, selective serotonin-re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are also often used to treat bulimia.
Bulimia prevention
Understanding the signs of bulimia and handling as soon as possible can prevent bulimia from developing to a higher stage. If you find symptoms of bulimia in your children, you can approach them slowly.

The first approach is to provide motivation to them to always live a healthy life. Avoid comments that relate to the physical and affect their psychology. For example, say his body is too thin, too fat, or his face is not beautiful, his hair is not straight, and so forth.

The second way is to stop the habit of giving your child a gift or punishment with food. Teach your children to take good care of their bodies and be a good example for them in maintaining their diet and also adopting a healthy lifestyle. wallahuaklam.

Bulimia the silent killer

Get to know the Bulimia PART 1

Bismillahirahmanirahim ,Bulimia nervosa is one of the eating disorders that is usually characterized by a binge period (eating very large amounts of food) and then removing it again. This is done for fear of experiencing weight gain. But that does not mean that everyone who is bulimic is underweight. Some people actually have excessive weight or obesity.
      A person with bulimia tries to get back the food he ate in an effort to control his weight or prevent his weight from increasing. Bulimia is not something that is natural, because this is a serious mental illness and requires intensive therapy.
A person with bulimia can eat more than 1000-2000 calories in one meal and then spit it out again. Vomiting is not the only way to get food that has been swallowed. Excessive exercise, use of laxatives (drugs to excrete feces), fasting or a combination of methods - this method is a common alternative to removing food eaten besides vomiting.

Characteristics and Symptoms of Bulimia Nervosa in People.
Characteristics of bulimia are preceded by certain periods or eating excessively. There are two types of binge, namely:

  1. Eat very much in a relatively short time, for example within 2 hours.
  2. Feeling loss of control while eating is an inability to stop yourself from the desire to eat.
After eating a lot, fear will increase weight gain. Compensation behavior used to control body weight after a binge episode (overeating) includes:

  • Gag.
  • Use of laxatives (drugs to stimulate bowel movements) or diuretics (drugs to stimulate urine)
  • Fasting.
  • Excessive exercise.
  • Use of weight control drugs.
A person with bulimia can experience a very excessive eating cycle out of control and then try to compensate for it, making him feel embarrassed, guilty and also disgusted. This behavior then becomes more compulsive and uncontrolled over time and leads to feelings of obsession with food, thoughts about eating (or not eating), weight loss, diet and body shape. Many people with this disorder will experience weight fluctuations. His weight can be in the normal range, underweight or even more weight. Signs and symptoms of bulimia can be physical, psychological and behavioral. It is very possible for someone to experience a combination of these three signs and symptoms.

Physical characteristics of bulimia nervosa:
  1. Weight often changes (up or down).
  2. Signs of damage due to vomiting such as swelling in the cheeks or jaw, tooth decay, bad breath odor.
  3. Bloating, constipation or intolerance to food.
  4. Disorders of menstrual periods in women.
  5. Dizziness or headache.
  6. Feel tired and can't sleep well.
Characteristics of Bulimia in psychological terms:
  1. An obsession with eating, food, body shape and weight.
  2. Sensitive to comments about food, body shape, weight, and exercise.
  3. Low self-esteem and feelings of shame, feeling guilty especially after eating.
  4. Having a distortion of body shape, for example, see himself fat even though his body weight is in accordance with his height and age.
  5. An obsession with food and the need to control it.
  6. Depression, anxiety or sensitivity.
  7. Dissatisfaction with his body.
Behavioral signs:
  1. Overeating behavior
  2. Vomiting or using laxatives (laxatives), appetite suppressants or diuretics
  3. Usually want to eat alone and avoid eating with other people
  4. Anti social, spend most of their own time.
  5. Behaviors pay attention to the shape and weight repeatedly - for example weighing repeatedly, often seeing glass and others.
  6. Keep their eating habits a secret, say they eat when they don't eat, hide food that is not eaten in their room.
  7. Excessive exercise.
  8. Going back to the bathroom during or immediately after eating can be evidence of vomiting or laxative use.
If you have any bulimia symptoms and sign as show , seek medical help as soon as possible. If left untreated, bulimia can severely impact your health and also can be a silent killer in your life. wallahuaklam.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Kutu Babi yang membawa maut

Bahaya gigitan kutu babi.

Bismillahirahmanirahim, Teringat tak anda dengan dialog Allahyarham Tan Sri P ramlee, "Tengok apa tue cik Ramlee, Pappp ditepuknya dahi orang tua yang menegurnya sambil berkata Kutu babi , Allah batal air wudhuk saya,"dialog ini menjadi kenangan di dalam cerita seniman bujang lapok , Tetapi untuk kali ini saya ingin memberikan sedikit fakta tentang apa itu sengkenit atau kutu babi.
Sengkenit atau kutu babi adalah bintang parasit yang biasa ditemui di persekitaran kita.
Malah bagi sesetangah orang, pastinya pernah atau biasa terkena gigitan sengkenit atau ada sesetengahnya memanggilnya kutu babi terutama jika berada di kawasan yang banyak lembu dan kambing suatu ketika dulu. Untuk pengetahuan anda ,sebenarnya sengkenit adalah spesis arakanid kecil dalam keluarga Ixodoidea atau tergolong dalam kelompok hama.
Serangga ini merupakan ektoparasit (parasit luaran) yang hidup dengan menghisap darah pada mamalia burung dan kadang-kadang reptilia dan amfibia.
Namun tahukah kita kemudharatan serta bahaya sebenar binatang ini? Apakah virus sebenar yang dibawanya? serta Apa kesannya jika ia menggigit manusia?

 Untuk pengetahuan umum sebenarnya sengkenit atau kubu babi juga membawa virus yang tidak kurang bahaya kepada manusia.Cuma ancamannya mungkin jarang didengari dan tiada laporan mengenainya direkodkan di Malaysia buat masa ini Kajian menunjukan Ia sebenarnya membawa virus Congo atau CCHF yang boleh menyebabkan demam berdarah. Ini kerana jika dijangkiti ,Virus ini boleh menyebabkan seseorang demam, sakit otot, pening, sakit kepala, sakit mata. Malah pesakit juga boleh diancam berlakunya pembesaran limfa (lymphadenophaty) dan bintik-bintik merah yang menyebabkan pendarahan pada permukaan mukosa dalaman seperti mulut, tekak dan kulit.
Apabila keadaan ini berlaku Jika pesakit tidak mendapatkan rawatan dengan segera ia mampu menyebabkan masalah kesihatan yang lebih serius.a termasuklah kerosakkan buah pinggang, kegagalan hati dan seterusnya boleh menyebabkan maut.Kerana kesan virus ini hampir sama dengan demam berdarah yang dibawa oleh aedes
Tetapi untuk pengetahuan pembaca semua di Malaysia kita belum lagi mendengar mana-mana individu yang terkena jangkitan ini sehingga membawa maut dilaporkan kecuali pesakit menunjukkan gejala alahan kepada gigitan serangga ,Namun jika anda terkena gigitan sengkenit ini, segeralah mencabutnya dan mendpatkan rawatan yang sepatutnya di klinik klinik yang berdekatan jika badan anda menunjukkan simptom simptom yang dinyatakan diatas tadi , wallahuaklam.

Feeding and Abstinence Food for Breastfeeding Mothers

Feeding and Abstinence Food for Breastfeeding Mothers

Bismillahirahmanirahim ,There are some foods that are actually taboos for breastfeeding mothers that should be avoided or should be reduced as long as the mother gives milk to her baby, that is

Alcoholic drinks
Alcoholic beverages must be avoided, because alcohol can be distributed to babies through breast milk. Excess alcohol will have a bad impact on baby's nerve development. Babies will look weak, weak, sleepy, and sleep longer.
In addition, alcohol is also proven to reduce the amount of breast milk produced by mothers.

Food originating from the sea
Large marine fish such as sharks, tuna, swordfish and the like should be reduced, because these large fish contain mercury which can be distributed to babies through breast milk. Excess mercury will have a bad impact on baby's nerve development.

Foods that irritate the digestive tract
Some food ingredients such as cabbage, broccoli and paprika are foods that produce gas and make bloating, so this becomes a taboo food should be reduced when nursing mothers, because these foods can also cause the baby's digestive tract to become uncomfortable.
Fruits containing citrus such as oranges, lemons and the like and spicy foods should be reduced because these foods can cause irritation to the baby's digestive tract.

Drinks that contain caffeine
Caffeinated drinks such as coffee, soda, and tea should be reduced, because the caffeine contained in these drinks can be distributed to babies through breast milk. Caffeine can cause babies to have difficulty sleeping and fussing, besides that caffeine is also proven to cause irritation to the baby's digestive tract.

Foods that cause allergies
Processed products with basic ingredients of milk, soybeans, wheat, eggs, nuts, corn such as ice cream, cheese, yogurt and the like should be reduced to breastfeeding mothers, because these processed products sometimes in some infants can cause allergic symptoms such as diarrhea, spotting redness, abdominal pain, and vomiting.
Therefore the mother must always pay attention to the baby's sensitivity to these foods. When it is proven that the baby is sensitive, then the food becomes taboo.

Foods that reduce milk production
Some leaves such as peppermint, petersely, parsley which are a mixture of tea, soup, herbal medicines should not be consumed in excess, because the mint leaves when consumed in large amounts can reduce the amount of milk the mother produces.
Some of these foods are taboos for breastfeeding mothers, which if consumed in excess can affect breast milk given to babies, and will ultimately affect the health of the baby.

Therefore it is important for mothers to pay attention to the food they eat so that their breastfed babies can grow and develop well. Wallahuaklam.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The disturbing Bunion

Bunion is not dangerous but disturbing in your daily life

Do you have the habit of using shoes of a narrow size or using high heels?
If so then you might want to reduce the habit because using shoes that are too narrow can cause abnormalities in the toe bones called bunion.Bunion is a condition in which a person's thumb bone is pushed toward the other toes, resulting in the appearance of a bulge. This abnormality is a lump with a big toe. The result of this disease is the emergence of pain that is felt when walking or when wearing narrow footwear or shoes. To find out more about this disease, you can search more fully here

The Meaning of Bunion
Bunion is a disease or abnormality in the form of a person's big toe. This abnormality in the big toe occurs when the hump in the foot increases and develops at the bottom of the big toe, causing the big toe to be pushed forward and sideways to the other toe.

The factors that will caused Bunion
     Bunion will begin to form when the condition of balance in the joints found on the toes and soles of the feet experiences interference or pressure. From this disorder can cause the joint to become labile or unstable and eventually will experience a bunion so that the position of the mother's toes becomes tilted towards the other toes. Habits such as using shoes that are not right and also do not match the feet can cause bunions that interfere with the work of the foot when walking.
    Shoe sizes that are too narrow can cause the fingers to be pressed in one particular direction so that they can push for the appearance of this bunion.
In addition to the use of shoes that are too narrow, bunion can also be caused due to trauma to the foot and the results of medical conditions or congenital birth. Someone who has a job like ballet also has the risk of developing this disease.
The Ballet Foot.

Other symptoms of Bunion
      Symptoms that arise from generally not felt by all sufferers. However, some who have reported that the most felt symptom of this disease or abnormality is the emergence of pain that is felt directly from giving pressure to the feet when used for walking. The pain is similar to the condition Sprains and have similarities with this disorder because it can cause widening in the big toe.
However, the swelling due to sprains will gradually shrink and then the big toe will return to its previous size.
       In bunion, even though the swelling begins to shrink, the thumb on the foot has an abnormality in its shape. This can occur because of the widening of the big toe caused by widening that occurs in the leg bones. In addition, other symptoms that are seen are the occurrence of dilation in the joints. Widening of the joints does not only result in abnormalities in the form of the big toe which looks bigger but the appearance of the entire leg which also has abnormalities in the shape of the foot.

The treatment for Bunion.
      Treatment that can be done to overcome bunion can be done alone at home. The first thing that can reduce the discomfort in the affected part is to add a cushion on the outside of the toe so that it is not susceptible to pressure in large quantities from the footwear used. The second thing you can do is to wear shoes that are larger than the size of your feet. This is certainly very suitable because the cause of the emergence of this disease or disorder is because of the habit of using shoes that have a narrow size.
        The third thing you can do is compress the affected part using ice. And for the last thing you can do is avoid using shoes that have rights that are too high or high heels. Of course, this last thing deserves special attention for you women who like to use shoes with high heels. Even so, the various therapies described above have not been fully able to treat bunion. Therapy is needed by using drugs so that it can relieve or reduce the pain that arises when walking.
If it cannot be overcome, surgery is the last resort suggested by the doctor to restore the joint as before. wallahuaklam.

Siapakah Hittler

Assalamualaikum Dalam blog nie saya nak kongsikan sedikit tentang fakta siapa sebenarnya adolf hitler, rasanya mungkin ramai yang kenal dengan Hitler ni, banyak kisah dan cerita yang kita dengar atau kita baca tentangnya, berikut merupakan 11 fakta menarik mengenai Hitler.

1.Dalam kajian sebelum ini , sikap dan perangai Hitler adalah seorang yang sangat menjaga maruahnya, apabila beliau mandi,tidak boleh sesiapa pun melihat beliau mandi apatah lagi apabila beliau berbogel. Beliau juga tidak gemar memakai pewangi di badannya kerana mengangap wangian merupakan satu simbol kelemahan.

2. Hitler sangat berdisiplin  dan diketahui umum Dengan kod etika ketenteraan yang menebal dalam jiwa Hitler, Hitler tidak pernah menanggalkan kotnya di depan orang awam walau apa pun berlaku.

3. Pada 1923, Dr. Sedgwick iaitu Penasihat Pro Akhbar kepada Hitler menasihatkan beliau untuk membuang gaya misai kontot  Tetapi Hitler dengan nada selamba menjawab,

Mach dir keine Sorgen über dieses misaiku Wenn jetzt nicht die Modetrends, es wird im Laufe des Tages aufgrund der I-ausreichend beachtet werden. Ber maksud
“Jangan risau tentang misaiku ini,jika sekarang bukan trend fesyen, ia akan menyusul kemudian hari kerana disebabkan aku mengayakannya.”

 4.  Selain Sukarno yang dikenali pemidato terbaik di rantau asia tenggara ,tetapi di benua eropah Hitler adalah pemidato terbaik yang pernah dilahirkan di muka bumi. Setiap syarahan beliau akan memukau jutaan orang yang datang menyaksikannya. Tiada siapa dapat menandingi beliau pada masa itu termasuk pemimpin daripada negara-negara musuh. Hitler gemar menggunakan pelbagai gaya untuk memeriahkan ceramah beliau seperti memerli perkataan ‘Say Heii’ yang selalu digunakan oleh cheerleader di Amerika Syarikat. Seluruh penonton ketawa dan teruja sepanjang ceramah beliau.

5.Dalam satu sumber kajian menyatakan Hitler adalah satu-satunya pemimpin pada WWII yang mengamalkan budaya makanan yang sihat. Beliau adalah seorang Vageterian, tidak minum arak serta merokok. Miskipun usia beliau pada ketika WWII boleh dikatakan sudah melebihi 50-an,tubuh beliau tetap mantap dan terampil. Berbeza dengan pemimpin Britain, Winston Churcill dan pemimpin Russia, Joseph Stalin.!
Meskipun berumur lewat 50-an, beliau masih kelihatan segak dan aktif

 6.Sejarah cuba dipadamkan oleh pihak yahudi kerana Hitler adalah seorang yang bergitu mengagumi ISLAM, dalam satu petikan ucapannya, beliau berkata:
Sie sehen, es war unser Unglück, die falsche Religion. Warum haben wir nicht die Religion der Japaner, die Opfer für das Vaterland zu betrachten als das höchste Gut? Die mohammedanischen Religion zu viel mehr kompatibel zu uns als das Christentum gewesen sein. Warum musste es das Christentum mit seinen Sanftmut und Schlaffheit zu sein .... "

“You see, it’s been our misfortune to have the wrong religion. Why didn’t we have the religion of the Japanese, who regard sacrifice for the Fatherland as the highest good? The Mohammedan religion too would have been much more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness….”

Hubungan Hitler dengan Mufti daripada Palestin, Sheikh Hj. Amin al-Husaini adalah tersangat akrab. Beliau juga menubuhkan satu divisen khas bagi umat Islam iaitu Batalion Hanzar yang berkhidmat di rantau Balkan.

7. Satu lagi fakta yang cuba putar belit oleh yahudi dengan menyatakan bahawa hitler seorang yang dungu ,Meskipun dikutuk oleh banyak media Yahudi yang menceritakan profil kehidupan awal Hitler yang dikatakan sebagai seorang budak dungu dan lembap, beliau sebenarnya memiliki IQ setinggi 141,hampir setaraf dengan Albert Eistein.! Jika tidak masakan pihak berikat terpaksa bergabung bagi membendung taktik perperangan jerman yang effisian di waktu itu

8. Hitler pada penghujung usianya iaitu ketika 56 tahun mengalami penyakit Parkinson. Dikatakan, rakaman beliau yang terakhir ketika mengadakan kawad cam untuk Hitler Youth di Berlin melihatkan tangan kiri beliau yang terketar-ketar.

9. Hitler adalah seorang yang penyayang. Meskipun media Yahudi selalu melabelkan Hitler sebagai seorang yang layak digelar Iblis tetapi beliau adalah seorang yang bergitu menyayangi binatang terutamanya anjing dan kucing. Semasa WWI(perang dunia pertama)beliau menjumpai anjing yang digelar Little Fox. Hitler mengajar Little Fox dengan pelbagai teknik bagi menghiburkan rakan askarnya yang lain. Ketika Little Fox hilang seperti eorang hilang semangat dan murung buat beberapa ketika.
Hitler dirakam memberi makan kepada seekor anak rusa. Tidak adil jikalau mengadili Hitler sebagai Penjahat sepanjang zaman kerana ramai lagi pemimpin lain yang kejam lagi zalim. Malahan kejadian Holocoust masih boleh dipertikai.

Dan normal bagi setiap peperangan, mesti akan melibatkan nyawa. Jadi tidak adil kalau dikatakan Hitler ini seorang pembunuh kerana pemimpin negara lain seperti Britain,Russia, dan Amerika Syarikat juga menyebabkan banyak nyawa melayang. Malah Amerika Syarikat menyebabkan Bandar Hiroshima dan Nagasaki hancur lebur disebabkan bom Atom.!

10. Hitler adalah seorang yang pandai melukis. Masa lapang beliau diisi dengan melukis pelbagai pemandangan. Selain itu, tulisan tangan Hitler adalah bergitu cantik seperti feminine. Seorang psikologi bernama Carl Jung menyatakan:

11. Tinggi Hitler adalah 179cm atau 5 kaki 8 inci. Beliau tidaklah sekecil mana seperti yang digembar-gemburkan oleh majalah-majalah dan media-media Yahudi dengan memburukkan dia sebagai seorang pemimpin yang rendah dan katik , tetapi jika dilihat dari rakaman video dan gambar dia seorang yang versetail dan agak tinggi.

P/s : Antara sedikit sebanyak fakta mengenai Hitler, banyak sebenarnya andaian atau spekulasi ke atas insan bernama Hitler banyak kajian yang perlu kita lakukan kerana menerima bulat bulat sejarah dari pihak barat ada kebaikan yang terselindung disebalik sejarah hitam hitler ini ni, sejauh mana kebenarannya, Wallahua’lam

Dinosour Di malaysia wujudkah ia


Asalamualaikum , kadang kadang kita tak pasti wujud atau tidak dinosaur ini tetapi 
Diketahui umum ada berita menyatakan bahawa Tinggalan fosil daripada dinosaur karnivor pemakan ikan telah ditemui di Malaysia, di mana Universiti Malaya bersedia untuk mendedahkan bukti tersebut, Dalam pencarian dan kajian yang dilakukan oleh para penyelidik , ianya merumuskan bahawa fosil tulang itu ditemui di kawasan pedalaman luar bandar di Pahang, fosil dinosaur spesis  spinosauridae yang dipercayai dari lewat era Mesozoic , dipercayai berkemungkinan besar berasal dari zaman Cretaceous di antara 65 juta dan 145 juta tahun lalu.

Ada sumber menyatakan bahawa kajian yang dilakukan telah menemui fosil itu dan adalah julung kalinya Ini dipercayai  kali pertama  fosil dinosaur ditemui di Malaysia.
Penemuan ini  telah dikenal pasti oleh pasukan yang diketuai oleh Profesor Madya Dr Masatoshi Sone di mana jabatan geologi universiti itu dengan kerjasama pakar reptilia paleontologi Profesor Ren Hirayama dari Universiti Waseda di Tokyo .(Sumber Berita Harian)

Untuk pengetahuan Umum , jenis fosil dan tulang itu dipercayai milik dinosaur jenis
Spinosauridae dan ia adalah sebuah keluarga yang tertentu dinosaur karnivor mempunyai ciri-ciri  tengkorak memanjang seperti buaya  dengan gigi berbentuk kon yang sama ada  sangat kecil atau tanpa gigi langsung.

Satu lagi fosil spinosauridae juga telah ditemui di Australia pada tahun 2011 , di mana spesies ini sebelum ini dipercayai wujud hanya di hemisfera utara.

Ahli-ahli sains telah menemui tulang leher berusia 125 juta tahun haiwan yang sama di Baryonx, Victoria , Australia.

Apa yang kita ketahui selama ini tulang tulang dinosaur dan fosil banyak dijumpai di luar Negara , dan mana tahu suatu masa nanti kita mampu menjumpai lagi fosil fosil yang boleh diguna untuk kajian masa akan datang ..wallahuaklam..

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