Dengan Nama Allah,yang tidak memberikan mudarat sesuatu di bumi dan juga di langit dan dia maha mendengar lagi maha mengetahui..

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Physiotherapy and Fact of sneezing

Why Do We Sneeze? 

Bismillahirahmanirahim ,Everyone must have experienced sneezing. Whether it's relaxing or being focused on something, suspected or not, sneezing can just happen. So, how can sneezing happen? What are the triggers? Let's look at the full explanation of the mechanisms of sneezing and the many interesting facts that cover it the following.

Mechanism of the occurrence of Sneezing Sneezing is the body's natural mechanism in clearing the nose from the entry of foreign particles. When foreign particles such as dust, dirt, pollen or other irritants enter the nose, the foreign particles will interact with the fine hair and mucous membranes that envelop the nasal cavity.

At that moment, sneezing stimulation will arise. The receptor in the nasal lining sends the impulse through the fifth cranial nerve to the sneezing center of the medulla oblongata as a signal that something must be removed from the respiratory tract. The body immediately prepare for a contraction. The esophagus and the eyes are forced to close, the tongue moves to the roof of the mouth and the chest muscles as well as the diaphragm in the stomach will strengthen. Eventually the air, saliva and mucus will come out of the nose as well as the mouth, and there will be a natural reflex that we call sneezing. Sneezing is also a form of body defense activity against bacteria or viral diseases that attack. That is why when a person is exposed to the flu for example, he will automatically sneeze several times to remove bacteria or viruses from the respiratory tract. In addition, environmental factors such as changes in temperature, pollution, drugs and certain cosmetic products can also trigger sneezing. Although the mechanism of sneezing is generally the same in every person, but the way everyone sneezes can vary.

Why Do We Close Our Eyes When Sneezing?
The nerves present in the nose and eye are related. The closing of the eyes when sneezing aims to protect the tear ducts and blood capillaries so as not to be contaminated by foreign particles, bacteria or viruses coming out of the nasal membrane. That is the reason behind closing our eyes when sneezing.

Is Sneezing Can Be a Serious Problem? 
Basically, sneezing is a natural reflex of the body is very normal and not to worry about. However, in certain conditions, such as nosebleeds or migraines, the frequency of sneezing will be at risk of aggravating both conditions. In addition, sneezing occurring chronically or repeatedly over a long period of time, can be a sign of an underlying health disorder. For example, such as allergic rhinitis, if not controlled properly, it can trigger other infections such as sinusitis, nasal polyp or ear infections. Therefore, it is better to immediately see a doctor if sneezing is experienced too often or chronic to prevent serious problems that could arise. It is important to never withhold sneezing under any circumstances. Why? because these actions can cause adverse health effects. Pinching your nose or closing your mouth to block sneezing can interfere with blood flow to the brain. Causes blood vessels and nervous tissue to be depressed so that it can cause headaches, damage to the eardrum to the destruction of blood vessels. Bad habits of sneezing will also force the bacteria back into the nasal cavity and ear canal, so it is not likely to trigger the occurrence of infection.

Amazing Facts About Sneezing 
There are some interesting facts about sneezing to know, including:

  • Sneezing speed can reach 160 kilometers per hour. 
  • Most people do not realize that when a sneeze the heartbeat will slow down naturally. 
  • In a sneeze there are at least 40,000 water grains containing hundreds of thousands of germs. 
  • When sleeping we will not be able to experience sneezing because the muscles of the eyes and nose are paralyzed by the brain.
  •  In some people, sneezing can be triggered by orgasm and sunlight.
  •  No matter when it is, sneezing can just happen because it is a natural body mechanism that should be grateful.
  •  Remember, never hold it because it can be bad for health.
Even so, keep in mind attitude or norm when sneezing. Try to cover the nose and mouth with a tissue to prevent the spread of germs and diseases. If it's not fast enough to reach for a tissue, sneeze with your upper arm instead of by hand. Wallahuaklam.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Physiotherapy and Stages - the process of bone healing

Stages - the process of bone healing

Bimillahirahmanirahim , Today entry in my blog is regarding of one question i get from my patient ,it is about the time frame of the healing fracture on bone. The healing rate and ability to remodel on broken bones vary for each person and depending on the age, health, type of fracture, and bone involved. For example, children are able to heal and remodel their fractures much faster than adults.

Below here is the simple info regarding a time phase of bone healing.
While the average healing time fractures for each type of bone,

1. finger bone: 3 weeks (FINGER)

2. bone metacarpals (palms): 4-6 weeks  (PALMS)

3. Distal radius: 4-6 weeks  (UPPER  FOREARM )

4. bones of the forearm: 8-10 weeks (FOREARM)

5.the humerus (arm bone above): 6 - 8 weeks (SHOULDER)

6. femoral neck: 12 weeks (HIPS)

7. femoral shaft: 12 weeks (HIPS)

8. the tibia and fibula (BONE OF LOWER LEG AND SHIN ): 10 weeks

9. Ankle Bone : 6 Weeks

10. Rib Fracture :6 weeks

The conclusion i can explain is not all types of fractures require surgery, to find out whether surgery is necessary or not, physical examination is required by the doctor and investigation in the form of a X-ray photo. The X-ray photo is important to determine whether the broken bone position is correct or not, with this result its help to give an idea to take appropriate steps in treating broken bones.


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Physiotherapy dan Bioflavonoid

Bioflavonoid vs Radang (Inflamasi)

Bioflavonoid boleh dijumpai di dalam Black Ginger

Bismillahirahmanirahim , agak lama juga saya tidak update blog kesihatan saya ini , jika di ikutkan kesibukan harian didalam rutin harian saya ianya agak mencabar bagi penghujung tahun 2017 ini.
dalam entry saya kali ini ada beberapa pekara yang amat menarik perhatian saya mengenai satu bahan yang dikenali sebagai Bioflavonoid, Sebagai ahli fisioterapi saya gemar membaca kajian kajian perubatan yang dilakukan sama ada dari segi perubatan moden dan juga perubatan alternatif , ini kerana saya suka kongsikan ilmu ini kepada masyarakat dan juga umum.

Banyak persoalan yang selalu ditanya kepada saya apakah sumber makanan yang boleh  membantu untuk mengatasi masalah sakit sakit sendi ini. Jika ianya dijawab dari segi perubatan ianya harus lah melalui atas nasihat doktor dan juga pakar kesihatan , tetapi pengalaman saya sebagai ahli fisioterapi ianya melibatkan dua faktor iaitu sakit pada bahagian sendi melibatkan kronik dan juga akut , pada peringkat awal sebagai contoh sakit sendi pada bahagian lutut adalah disebabkan faktor yang selalu berlaku dan dihadapi oleh masyarakat ialah Osteoporotik dan juga Osteoarthritis.

Antara soalan yang biasa saya terima dalam apa jua ceramah health talk saya ialah apakah makanan tambahan yang boleh membantu mencegah masalah sendi ini. Di dalam bacaan saya yang terbaru dan amat menarik perhatian saya ialah bioflavonoid  yang dikaji oleh Pihak MARDI , kajian ini menyatakan beberapa faktor yang positif yang boleh dikatakan membantu mencegah serta memberikan manfaat bagi pesakit yang mempunyai masalah sendi di peringkat awal antaranya

1. Bioflavonoid bersifat  Anti Oksidan.

Kajian yang dilakukan oleh pihak MARDI bioflavonoid merupakan bahan anti penuaan ,dimana ianya melindungi sel sel anda daripada radikal bebas yang boleh mengakibatkan radang pada sendi dan juga pelbagai sakit kronik yang lain.

2.Bersifat Anti Keradangan 
Bioflavonoid juga mengurangkan risiko keradangan pada bahagian salur darah yang boleh mengakibatkan bengkak serta kesakitan pada bahagian bahagian sendi.

3.Bermanfaat kepada sistem kardiovaskular.
Kesan bioflavonoid yang diambil secara berterusan atau konsistent ianya mampu membantu didalam mengurangkan penghasilan kolestrol jahat didalam badan .

4. Bersifat anti kanser .
tidak salah saya katakan kajian umum tentang bahan ini bersifat anti tumor atau anti kanser kerana bahan yang terkandung didalam bioflavonoid ini bersifat anti oksida.

5.Bermanfaat didalam membantu Mengurangkan risiko Keradangan Osteoporosis dan juga Osteoarthritis.
ini amat menarik perhatian saya kerana bioflavonoid merupakan salah satu pemakanan alternatif tambahan yang berbeza dengan supplement dimana jika diambil tubuh badan manusia akan mendapatkan manfaat dari pengambilan makanan ini ,dan jika tidak diambil badan kita tidak akan kehilangan apa apa , berbanding dengan supplement jika diambil tubuh badan akan mengalami proses kebaikan ,jika diambil dan berhenti sacara tiba tiba tubuh badan kita akan merasa kehilangan sesuatu dalam proses pembaikkan .
Dalam kenyataan diatas apa yang ingin saya tekankan bahawa bioflavonoid memberikan kesan yang baik jika ditambah di dalam pemakanan harian kita dan ianya tidak memberikan kerugian pada tubuh manusia jika ianya tidak diambil atau diberhentikan.
Dalam masalah keradangan sendi ini bioflavonoid adalah salah satu sumber alternatif yang boleh dicuba bagi mengatasi dan juga mencegah masalah sendi diperingkat awal.

Tujuan perkongsian saya ini adalah lebih untuk memberitahu manfaat serta kebaikan bioflavonoid itu , Kajian yang dilakukan oleh pihak MARDI tiada bukti kesan ketoksidan atau keracunan kepada pengambilan makanan yang mengandungi bioflavonoid ini
antara kajian yang boleh pembaca buat rujukan bagi bioflavonoid ini ialah
Journal Food Chemistry. Anti -Inflammatory effects of compounds from kaempferia parviflora and Boesenbergia pandurata. Volume 115 ,issue2,15 July 2009, Pages 534-538.

American Journal of pharmacology and Toxicology .anti -stress effects of kaempferia parviflora (2013)., 8(1):31-38.
bagi pembaca sekalian , apa yang ingin saya tekankan di dalam penulisan saya ini , bahawa ianya hanyalah sebagai salah satu alternatif yang boleh kita lakukan didalam mengatasi masalah sendi terutama sakit pada bahagian lutut dan juga anggota badan yang lain


Saturday, September 9, 2017

Physiotherapy and Active cycle breathing technique


Bismillahirahmanirahim ,

A simple sharing regarding a method of breathing technique.

What is ACBT?

The ACBT is a technique to help you clear secretions from your chest. Coughing alone can be tiring and ineffective. The ACBT uses different types of breaths to make it easier to clear secretions by shifting them form the outer part of your lungs towards the main airways.

What do I do?
 The ACBT can be used in any position that you are comfortable in. Many people find upright sitting the best, but side lying positions can help with clearing secretions.

Relaxed Breathing / Breathing Control
This is normal, gentle breathing using the lower chest.
1. Rest one hand on your abdomen so that you can feel it rise and fall with your breathing.
 2. Breathe in gently feeling your hand rise and your lower chest expand.
 3. Breathe out gently allowing your shoulders to relax down. The breath out should be slow, like a “sigh”

Deep Breathing 
1. Breathe in deeply feeling your lower chest expand as far as possible. Try to keep your neck and shoulders relaxed. 
2. Hold the breath for up to three seconds. 
3. Let the air out gently. 

This is a short sharp breath out through an open mouth that helps to force the secretions out. 
There are two types of huff:
1. From a medium sized breath in, with a long “squeezy” breath out.
2. From a big breath in, with a shorter sharper breath out.
3. Start with the first type and progress to the second, using breathing control to recover between huffs. Remember the huff needs to be through an open mouth, using your abdominal muscles.

Only cough if you feel the secretions are ready to be cleared. 

When do I stop? 
After two cycles without clearing secretions OR until you are tired. 

How often should I do them? 
If you have an infection you will need to do the cycle several times a day to clear the secretions. Three deep breaths every half hour is a good way to check for secretions and improve ventilation, especially during an infection. 

The ACBT is a flexible tool. You can do more than one set of deep breaths before huffing. Remember to use breathing to control in between. 

 You need to remember Important information
This patient information is for guidance purposes only and is not provided to replace professional clinical advice from a qualified practitioner. 

Hand hygiene is important factor to consider
The trust is committed to maintaining a clean, safe environment. Hand hygiene is very important in controlling infection. Alcohol gel is widely available at the patient bedside for staff use and at the entrance of each clinical area for visitors to clean their hands before and after entering. 


Monday, August 7, 2017

Physiotherapy dan Kebaikan Kopi Black G

Kebaikan Kopi Black G 

Bismillahirahmanirahim , cepat sungguh waktu dan masa berjalan , dalam tak sedar kita sudah memasuki bulan August , ini bermakna blog saya sepi selama sebulan tanpa apa apa update , ini menunjukkan bertapa padatnya masa saya sehingga saya terlupa untuk mencoretkan kembali di Blog saya yang Kecil ini.

Sebelum ini saya ada menyentuh tentang khasiat dan juga manfaat berkaitan kunyit Hitam atau ianya dikenali black Ginger , tetapi hari ini saya ingin berkongsikan pengalaman saya dalam mengamalkan minuman kopi Black G ini , kita semua maklum pada masa kini terlalu banyak isu isu tentang pengunaan bahan bahan terlarang di dalam minuman Kopi dan juga apa apa makanan tambahan yang menjadi pilihan orang ramai , ada yang paling teruk sehingga ianya merosakkan Buah Pinggang dan Juga Hati. Tetapi kita tidak sedar dalam menjalani kehidupan kita di dunia ini banyak faktor faktor yang perlu kita teliti iaitu tatacara pemakanan kita , Pola Tidur dan juga aktiviti Riadah yang kita semua maklum ianya memberikan kesan yang positif atau negatif kepada badan kita.

Para Pengemar Kopi
Berminat mencuba dan merasai Manfaat KOPI BLACK G ini anda boleh Melayari Laman Web rasmi Syarikat BLACK G ini di

Sepanjang setahun dalam mengamalkan minuman Kopi Black G ini , saya rasa yakin bahawa minuman yang tiada bahan Sintetik dan kimia merupakan salah satu alternatif pilihan  untuk kita.Tidak dinafikan ramai orang mengatakan saya cuba untuk menjual produk tetapi ingin saya tegaskan bahawa saya hanya ingin berkongsikan manfaat yang secara tidak langsung ianya memberikan kebaikan kepada tubuh badan kita , selalu kopi kita kaitkan dengan tenaga dan juga ketagihan , tahukan pembaca yang dirahmati kopi segera yang berada dipasaran selalunya mengandungi bahan bahan Sintetik dan Juga Pengawet yang secara tidak lansung akan memberikan kesan buruk untuk jangka masa yang panjang , tetapi saya ingin memberitahu Kopi Black G bukanlah seperti kopi kopi yang biasa dijual dipasaran tetapi ianya merupakan Kopi Class A dengan hasil kerjasama Penyelidikan MARDI  berkaitan khasiat Kunyit Hitam ini.

Alhamdulillah hasil dari pada penyelidikan Dengan Pihak Mardi Malaysia ektrak Black Ginger ini telah di inovasikan didalam bentuk minuman dan juga Kapsul yang memudahkan masyarakat mengambilnya sebagai salah satu pemakanan tambahan yang baik dan menambahkan kesihatan badan.Ingin saya tegaskan ianya bukanlah produk ubat ubatan tetapi ianya merupakan makanan Tambahan yang boleh memberikan manfaat kepada tubuh badan kita.

apa yang saya ingin kongsikan disini manfaat serta kebaikan kunyit hitam ini amat tinggi nilainya dalam bahagian kesihatan ,

  • Produk pertama yang dihasilkan dengan extrak black ginger yang tulen 
  • Antara produk penyelidikan yang dilakukan dengan kerjasama MARDI iaitu badan kerajaan yang terbukti dengan hasil kajian kajian pemakanan kesihatan yang bertaraf antarabangsa.
  • Coffee Black G mengunakan 100% original arabica coffee , 
  • tiada pengunaan Coffee sintetik yang diketahui memberi kesan buruk pada tubuh badan ,
  • Tiada campuran bahan kimia mahupun toksin ,100% herba yang disahkan oleh MARDI.
  • Apa yang palin penting bagi penggemar kopi ialah rasa yang sedap , enak dan segar setelah meminumnya serta tidak pahit.
  • Kepekatan yang cukup untuk secawan tanpa perlu menambahkan susu atau Gula.
Manfaat serta Khasiat Coffee Black Ginger.

  • Kajian dan penyelidikan membuktikan salah satu agen anti Cancer dan tumour kerana Black Ginger atau kunyit hitam merupakan tumbuhan anti Oksida iaitu merupakan tumbuhan yang melawan sel Kanser dan juga anti karsinogen.
  • Membantu meningkatkan tenaga harian dan mengurangan rasa lesu serta rasa penat serta memulihkan tenaga tanpa memberi kesan kepada jantung dan tubuh badan serta tidak mempengaruhi pola tidur seseorang itu.
  • Membantu melancarkan sistem pencernaan dalam tubuh badan.
  • membantu meningkatkan keupayaan penyembuhan pada tisu tisu otot yang cedera dengan melancarkan sistem pengaliran darah dalam tubuh badan manusia.
  • Terbukti membantu meningkatkan paras hormon level yang baik dimana ianya membantu bagi para wanita yang mempunyai haid yang tak teratur.
  • membantu meningkatkan kesihatan dalaman lelaki dan juga Wanita.
  • Black ginger bersifat anti plasmodial dimana ianya meningkatkan kesihatan imuniti dalam mencegah virus yang disebarkan oleh nyamuk iaitu aedes dan malaria.
  • Bersifat anti Fungal bagi meningkatkan keupayaan badan bagi melawan jangkitan kulat , terutama mencegah keputihan bagi kaum wanita.
  • Meningkatkan aktiviti otak dengan membantu mencegah penyakit parkinson, nyanyuk dan Alzheimer .
  • Kajian di Amerika menunjukkan Black Ginger boleh mengawal penyakit kulit psoarisis kerana bersifat anti inflamasi
  • melawaskan pembuangan air kecil dan mengelakkan penyakit batu karang.

Para Pengemar Kopi
Berminat mencuba dan merasai Manfaat KOPI BLACK G ini anda boleh Melayari Laman Web rasmi Syarikat BLACK G ini di
Selalunya kopi yang ditawarkan didalam pasaran mengandungi bahan bahan sintetik dan juga bahan kimia yang boleh memudaratkan pengguna , tetapi sekali lagi saya tegaskan kopi Black G 100% selamat dan tidak memberi kesan negatif kepada pengguna malah mendapat manfaat yang baik hasil dari pada penyelidikan yang teliti dari pihak MARDI .Sebagai salah seorang penggemar kopi pilihan saya dalam meminum black G coffee memberikan kebaikan yang menyeluruh terutama ianya meningkatkan keupayaan sistem imuniti kesihatan saya yang bekerja pada persekitaran yang terdedah kepada kuman dan juga bakteria.InshaAllah segala kebaikan dan juga manfaat adalah datang dengan izin ALLAH .

Monday, June 12, 2017

Physiotherapy and Effective way to Overcome Menstrual Pain

The effective ways to Overcome Menstrual Pain to Complete

Bismillahirahmanirahim ,there is some issues that always happen in a woman and sometime its can affected the casual life , Menstrual pain problems generally occur in some women, especially young adult women, once menstrual pain comes, it is really torturing, even many who are absent from work or not attended school therefore. Although this happens almost every month, but still not many who can overcome the pain of menstruation to complete.
Stomach pain during menstruation or dysmenorrhea occurs because the uterus contracts excessively to dissipate the uterine lining that comes out as menstrual blood, this does not happen to every woman, and the cause can be different. There is a normal condition, unisex which is a disease.
Regardless of the cause, the pain in the coming months should still be overcome, as much as possible we try how to remove the pain quickly and then we try not to do it again.

How to overcoming Menstrual Pain During Attack ?

Step 1. 
Drinking Pain Relief Drugs This first step is a quick way to overcome the pain of menstruation, that we remove the pain by taking painkillers or analgesics. Surely we choose a drug that is sold freely without the need for a doctor's prescription. Nonsteroidal NSAID or anti inflammatory drugs work to block prostaglandins that contribute to menstrual pain. Examples of drugs that we can use include ibuprofen and mefenamic acid, but it should be noted that this drug should not be used for those who have ulcer disease. Carefully read the rules on the label. Read more you can read here: Herbal Remedy and Safe Remedy

Step 2. 
Recline Relax the body and part of your uterus by sleeping on your back, propping your legs with several pillows so that the position is higher than the body. This will reduce the tension of the uterus and smooth the flow of blood into the uterus, so it can automatically help reduce or even eliminate menstrual pain.

Step 3.
 Use Warm Compress While lying on your back, compress the abdomen just above the uterus, ie the lower region of the navel using something warm. You can use bottles, plastics, or special containers filled with warm water. Apply for 15 minutes and rest 15 minutes as well, then repeat again until the menstrual pain disappears.

Step 4. 
Warm Water Bath If the above steps are considered not enough, you may consider to take a warm bath. The warm water that flows through your body will give you a relaxed feeling of tense muscles and blood circulation, not only in the uterus but also throughout the body. It's even more perfect to do warm water for a few minutes.

Step 5. 
Avoid Prohibition There are certain types of foods that trigger or aggravate menstrual pain, for example foods and beverages that contain caffeine, such as tea and coffee. In addition, avoid milk products, such as milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream during menstruation.

Step 6. 
Sports Mild exercise such as walking, cycling, or swimming can help increase the flow of oxygen throughout the body so that the muscles can be more relaxed. Good stretching exercises also yield similar results. However, only do this activity when menstrual pain is not so heavy.

Step 7. 
Go to the Doctor If you have started menstruating in the last few years and usually there is no problem, but only recently have abdominal pain during menstruation, then the possibility of menstrual pain is not a problem. However, if menstrual cramps interfere every month, or the symptoms worsen, or if you are over 25 years old and just starting to experience severe menstrual cramps, then immediately consult a doctor. When you've tried the steps above but the pain when it comes to the month is still disturbing, then it is a good time to seek a doctor.

Step 8.
Eat a well-balanced diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables and is low in fat. Limit your intake of alcohol, caffeine, salt, and sweets make sure try to stop smoking.

Step 9.
Consume Supplements. A study showed that vitamin E supplements, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B-1 (thiamine), vitamin B-6 and magnesium have benefits to reduce and prevent menstrual pain.

Step 10. 
Avoid stress. Although stress does not cause menstrual cramps, but reducing stress can make menstrual symptoms lighter.

The conclusion in this problem also can be related in a medical issue , so If you have started menstruating in the last few years and experiencing persistent menstrual pain, the possibility of menstrual pain is not a problem. However, if menstrual pain is very disturbing to you every month, symptoms worsen, or are aged over 25 years and just start experiencing severe menstrual pain, then call your doctor. The doctor will look for the cause and find ways to relieve abdominal pain during your menstrual period. Some Medications for Menstrual Pain May also be required as indicated. Wallahuaklam.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Physiotherapy and Tips to Overcome Rigid Neck When Waking up Sleep

How to Overcome Rigid Neck When Waking Sleep

Bismillahirahmanirahim , as i mention in my last post before regarding rigid neck , here i want to share the Tips to deal with this problem.

1.Rest your Neck

 Left your neck, especially when you work too long or exercise. Lay your neck and body in a comfortable position, and make sure you use a good pillow that can keep the head and neck in order to stay in the right position.

2.Stretch Your Neck Muscles
 You can stretch your neck muscles using a hot towel or bath and soak in warm water.

  • Simple stretching steps in the following way: Turn your head slowly to the right, then use your right hand to put a little pressure on your chin, do it gently and gradually. Hold for 15-20 seconds then gently move your head back to the starting point. 
  • Repeat, this time to to the left side. Tilt or swing your head until your chin touches your chest, if not, simply push it as close as you can. 
  • Make sure your shoulders relax when doing so. Hold for 15-20 seconds, then repeat again. 
  • Tilt your head to the right while trying to put the right ear to your right shoulder. Do not let your shoulders lift, do for 20 seconds, then repeat again on the other side.
  • you can read more in this info :Possible Causes Of Neck Pain and Headaches
  • Neck exercise to relief pain
3. Massage Your Neck 
If you wake up with a stiff neck, massaging yourself the sore area can be a solution. However, do it gently and stop if it adds pain.

4. Choose a Good Pillow 
Use a pillow that is not too thick and not too thin that can adjust your sleeping position. If you sleep on your side, the pillow will keep your head in a horizontal position. If you sleep on your back, the pillow will not make your head too high or too low.

5. Make Sure You Are Using a Mattress 
That's too old or old usually does not provide support for your neck and spine. This becomes one of the causes of stiff neck when waking up. Therefore, make sure you use a good mattress or bedding that can help your neck and spine to be in an ideal position.

6. Avoid Sleeping Prone

 Sleep face down has a major influence on the health of the neck and spine. Therefore, try to sleep sideways or on your back (recommended sideways to the right). In modern medical science shows a lot of evidence of the dangers of sleeping face down or stomach. Especially if in this position you sleep soundly and long. Because it can cause the flow of oxygen to be less and result in shortness of breath due to the chest muscle or breathing does not work with the maximum. Apply a healthy lifestyle, and keep good sleep patterns. Not recommended to sleep too late, it is advisable to meet the needs of sleep at least 6-8 hours a day. Note also the pillow and mattress shape that you use to sustain comfort during sleep. 

For Muslims, praying and performing ablution before bed can be a good and healthy habit. By applying a healthy lifestyle and a good sleep pattern, you will avoid a stiff neck after waking up and risk of other illnesses wallahuaklam..

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Phsyiotherapy dan Bahaya memusingkan badan.

Bahaya memusingkan badan ketika Duduk.

Bismillahirahmanirahim, semalam merupakan hari yang mencabar dalam kehidupan saya sebagai seorang fisioterapi , didatangi oleh seorang pemuda yang dahulunya aktif bersukan dan juga bebas didalam melakukan apa apa kerja serta aktiviti , tetapi sekarang terlantar lebih dari 2 minggu kerana sakit belakang yang teramat sangat.
Mr x seorang jurutera muda di syarikat swasta , dalam seminggu 2 kali dia melakukan aktiviti yang sihat seperti bermain badminton dan juga berjoging tetapi dalam masa 4 hari ini tiba tiba dia merasakan ada perubahan yang kurang selesa telah berlaku pada tubuh badan beliau. Pada mulanya kaki beliau hanyalah merasa sakit dan juga menarik dari betis sehingga pergelangan kaki, tetapi hari ini beliau tidak mampu berjalan kerana kaki yang sakit dan juga merasa lemah .
Perjumpaan dengan pakar tulang telah membuka segala teka teki yang tersirat di pemikiran Mr X ini.
Apabila MRI dilakukan pakar tulang mendapati beliau telah mengalami masalah PID L4-L5 with Disc anulus tear.

Pesakit telah berjumpa dengan saya dan mengajukan pelbagai soalan , ini kerana beliau tidak percaya dengan usia yang muda , aktif bersukan dan sihat akhirnya beliau mendapat masalah ini.
setelah saya selidiki dan melakukan assesment terhadap beliau , maka jawapanya adalah ketika beliau di pejabat dan waktu itu ketika beliau memusingkan badan tanpa bahagian bawah badan mengikut pusingan badan tersebut ketika mengambil fail,secara spontan beliau terbatuk dan waktu itu terasa seperti ada renjatan elektrik di bahagian belakang beliau. Pada mulanya Mr X merasakan kaki kanan beliau terasa kebas , dan dia tetap meneruskan tugas seperti biasa , dan di malam harinya dia bermain badminton dengan rakan sekerja , tetapi waktu itu belakang badan beliau sudah mula rasa tegang , akibat merasakan tidak selesa , keesokan harinya Mr X ini pergi melakukan urutan tradisional kerana beranggapan kemungkinan salah urat.

Pada hari kedua keadaan Mr X semakin parah dan kesakitan yang dihadapi oleh beliau sukar untuk berdiri dan juga berjalan sehingga kaki kanan menjadi kebas, sakit dan juga lemah .Ini menyebabkan beliau pergi sekali lagi melakukan urutan tradisional, dengan anggapan kesakitan itu mampu dikurangkan dan beliau akan pulih. Sehinggalah keesokan harinya kesakitan yang dialami oleh Mr X semakin parah sehingga terpaksa dibawa ke hospital dengan bantuan rakan.

Alhamdulillah setelah ditahan di hospital selama 3 hari ,dengan kesakitan yang ditahan akhirnya ianya semakin pulih atas keizinanya serta ubat ubatan yang diberi dan juga rawatan fisioterapi yang konsistant. Para pembaca yang budiman apa yang saya cuba perjelaskan dalam situasi Mr x ini ialah kebarangkalian situasi yang sama ini pun boleh berlaku kepada kita tanpa kita sedar atau sedar.
Puncanya mudah hanya dengan memusingkan badan ,maka PID boleh muncul. Ini kerana tulang belakang kita boleh berada dalam keadaan yang paling tidak stabil ketika kita melakukan aktiviti memusing , ini kerana memusing badan ketika duduk meletakkan anda risiko mendapat sakit belakang yang amat tinggi dan juga merbahaya pada masa yang tertentu.
jika dilihat gambarajah ini

Mr X telah meletakkan dirinya ke bahagian yang paling berisiko untuk mendapat kecederaan pada bahagian belakang iaitu gambarajah yang paling hujung dimana tekanan pada tulang belakang pada waktu itu berada pada tahap maximum iaitu 275kg intradiscal pressure. Dengan ketinggian tekanan pada disc maka tidak hairan jika pelapik rawan tulang belakang ini boleh terkoyak atau tercedera jika berlaku impact yang maksima diruang abdomen seperti terbatuk atau terbesin. Apabila perkara ini berlaku ini bermakna anda berisiko mendapat masalah sakit belakang tanpa anda sedari , kerana kebanyakan individu beranggapan sakit belakang boleh terjadi jika mengangkat objek yang berat dan juga terjatuh. Tetapi dengan perkongsian ini ingin saya nyatakan bahawa sakit belakang ini kebanyakan beraku kepada kakitangan atau pekerja yang banyak duduk dan melakukan aktiviti dengan duduk seperti Pekerja Bank , kerani , Guru dan juga Pekerja Office.
Selain itu ingin saya kongsikan ketika berlakunya kesakitan belakang yang akut iaitu berlaku didalam tempoh 24 jam ,rawatan urutan bukan lah penyelesaian yang tepat ini kerana anda bayangkan jika anda ada luka di bahagian Jari , dan ianya masih berdarah adakah anda akan melakukan urutan dibahagian itu , semestinya tidak bukan , ini kerana kesakitan belakang yang akut mempunyai gejala inflamasi yang tinggi maka urutan tidak dibenarkan sama sekali.
Dalam Blog saya ini banyak info dan juga perkongsian tentang pencegahan , rawatan sakit belakang akut dan juga Kronik , serta tips tips yang anda boleh baca dan juga fahamkan , Di ruangan blog ini anda boleh mendapatkan ilmu ini untuk dikongsi dan juga sebagai persediaan jika menghadapi masalah ini. Wallahuaklam.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Physiotherapy and Causes of Rigid Neck After Waking Up

Causes of Rigid Neck After Waking Up 

Bismillahirahmanirahim , i have a one question that can give you a reason to understand regarding your neck ,Have you ever felt a stiff neck after waking up? It is usually characterized by pain and difficulty moving the neck, especially when you try to turn your head to the right or left side. Not infrequently can be accompanied by headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain or pain in the arm.

A person may experience a stiff neck when you wake up in the morning or after doing heavy activities. Rigid neck or pain when moved after awakening is also known as Stiff and tightness neck.

In many cases, the pain and stiffness of the neck can disappear naturally within a week. However, in rare cases, it may indicate the need for rapid medical evaluation. Therefore, you should be more vigilant and know early on what causes the stiff neck after waking and how to overcome it, so this does not happen repeatedly to you.

The Factors can Causes of Rigid Neck After Waking Up

1.Shape and Position Pillows 
You should pay attention to the shape and position of a good and comfortable pillow when sleeping, it is very important that you do not need to feel stiff neck and pain when waking up. In addition to comfort in sleep, the main function of the pillow is to maintain balance on your neck, in order to prevent problems such as awakening with a stiff neck. Use a pillow that is neither too thick nor fluffy nor too flat or deflated. Pillows that are too thick or fluffy can cause your neck to be too high and if it is too flat or deflated, the neck is in an uncomfortable position because it is too low. Ideally, use a pillow made of soft foam or cotton that can balance the position of your neck during sleep. No need to bother to measure how many corners, when you feel comfortable that's the right size for you. Especially for those who sleep on your side, make sure that your spine is not curved due to pillows that are too low or high.

2.Sleeping Position 
In addition to pillow problems, sleeping position also plays an important role. The wrong sleeping position can cause a stiff neck after waking up. To avoid this generally doctors suggest to sleep sideways (to the right or to the left) with a comfortable support. Sleeping on the back can also be an alternative. In addition to preventing neck stiffness, sideways sleep (especially the right side) has many health benefits such as keeping the stomach contents in a stable position, reducing the burden of the heart, resting the stomach, maintaining the health of the lungs and others. For Muslims, this has been recommended in the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW.
you can follow read this Best Tips for Good sleep.

3. Muscle Tension 
Do You? The main cause why stiff neck and pain are muscle tension or sprain. Specifically, the levator muscle of the scapula that is on the right side of the left of our neck is prone to injury. The levator muscles of these scapula connect the cervical spine with the shoulders controlled by the third and fourth cervical nerves.

4.Neck Arthritis 
Arthritis of the neck or also known as cervical osteoarthritis, is a common age-related condition that affects the joints and spinal cushions in the neck. The disease is caused by the wear and tear of cartilage and bone found in the cervical spine. Mostly because of the age factor, and can be caused by other factors as well. Symptoms may include neck stiffness, shoulder pain, extreme numbness of hands and feet. For the treatment can be done by taking drugs and also physical therapy (physiotherapy). try to read this Possible Causes Of Neck Pain and Headaches .

5. Pinched nerve 
Pinched nerve occurs when there is pressure (compression) that naturally in the neural network surrounding. Usually people with advanced age are more prone to this condition because the spinal discs are starting to become more rigid. This pain can be removed with painkillers, but for more serious conditions therapy or surgery is required.

Other Possible Causes
There are several other possible causes of stiff neck after waking up:
*Muscle cramps. This can happen in any part of the body, including the neck. When this happens, it will cause muscles to contract and stiffen.
* Fibromyalgia is a pain in the whole body that involves joints and muscles, which can cause a stiff neck. This disease can be experienced by anyone and can occur in the long run.
*Meningitis is an infection that affects the fluid around the spinal cord and brain, the disease is very serious and can result in death. Rigid neck, headache and fever are common symptoms of this disease.
* Experiencing excessive stress or anxiety, causing tension in the neck.
*Too long to bend over looking at a computer monitor or cell phone.

in the next chapter i will include the TIPS how to deal and manage the Rigid neck after wake up wallahuaklam..

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Physiotherapy and 8 symptoms of kidney stones .

There is  8  common symptoms of kidney stones are most often felt by the sufferer

Bismillahirahmanirahim , have you experience in your life  when you suddenly woke up last night, it looks like you have a fever, but why your lower back also hurts. More over, when urinating, it hurts. You are also wondering, is it really a symptom of kidney stones as is often mentioned by the people out there?

 As for important info , Kidney stones are one common disease that often affects the urinary tract. Kidney stones can appear when 'heavy' substances in the urine settle in the kidneys or urinary tract, and then some minerals cling to it to form a small stone. When this happens, the stone can settle in the kidney or go straight to the urethra.

A person suffering from kidney stones may not feel any symptoms at first. While still small, kidney stones can even go out on their own during urination without causing pain. But when the size grows larger, then the stone can block the flow of urine so that arises some unwanted symptoms. This can happen when kidney stones get caught in the urethra connecting between the bladder and the kidney (ureter). Even so, the size of the stone is not the only cause of pain. Sometimes, stones can also be caught in certain areas of the kidneys causing discomfort.

So what are the early symptoms of kidney stones? In explanation, here are eight symptoms of kidney stones that you may feel:

1 .Pain when urinating
If you suddenly feel pain when urinating, then it could be the initial symptoms. This usually happens because the kidney stones are moving from the bladder to the urethra. Sensations such as stabbing or burning may arise when the kidney stones move farther away. In this case you are at risk of suffering from urinary tract infections. If you already feel the symptoms of kidney stones of this kind, then immediately visit a doctor. In addition to pain, if there is urinary tract infection, the frequency of urination is also more frequent than usual. You always seem to feel 'dying' though not too much to drink. In addition, the urine that comes out just a little, or even none at all.

2.The emergence of pain
The location where the stone is located, and how its movement in the urethra is very determine the pain you feel. Many people describe the pain caused by kidney stones like when their back or lower abdominal are stabbed. There is also a picture if the pain is more severe than when giving birth to a child. The pain can come suddenly and then settle, or become worse as time passes. Areas that feel pain can also extend to the inner thighs and lower abdomen. The sufferer may experience persistent pain, or it may also come and go. Sometimes it can end after a few minutes, but it appears again in the next 10 minutes. In some cases, the pain may appear longer. The pain experienced can also change if the kidney stones move to the other side of the urethra. If the sufferer is a man, then he will probably feel the pain in the area of ​​testicles and scrotum. Some symptoms of kidney stones are similar to sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, to find out what the exact cause of the pain you are suffering, immediately consult a doctor to find out more diagnosis.

3.There is blood in the urine 
In addition to the increased pain and frequency of urination, you may also notice a change in color and level of urine concentration. Instead of yellow or clear, urine color but turns brown, pink, or even red. And if kidney stones block the urinary tract, then you may also find blood spots in the urine. This condition is called hematuria. Blood can enter the urine when kidney stones get stuck in the urinary tract, thus eroding the surface layer of the urinary tract through which it travels. How severe the pain is felt, can be an indicator of how big the size of kidney stones. Generally, the more ill, the larger the size.

4.Nausea and vomiting 
Some people who suffer from kidney stones claim to also experience nausea, even vomiting. This kidney stone symptoms automatically cause sufferers are dehydrated and malnourished. One of the causes of vomiting is usually because the pain is too heavy. But this can also be a sign that the body is trying to remove toxins from the body. The presence of stones in the kidneys obviously make this organ can not function properly, triggering rise in levels of toxins in the stomach and blood.

5.The smell of urine less tasty
In addition to discoloration, the aroma of urine issued is also less savory and even tend to rot. Although sometimes normal if the urine causes odor, but if the aroma becomes unbearable, then it is usually due to concentrated levels of chemicals and toxins in the urine. Kidney is an organ that plays an important role in removing toxins and chemicals from the body. But when the function is disrupted, then these substances can precipitate and crystallize in the body. The crystalline toxin then forms the kidney stones, which, when expelled through the urine, give off unpleasant odors.

6.Can not sit comfortably 
If the size of the kidney stone is large, then it can make the sufferer difficult to sit or lie down for a long time. The reason is because the two positions put additional pressure on the infected area. Therefore, no wonder if people with kidney stones are also experiencing other disorders, insomnia is one of them.

7.Fever and chills 
Symptoms of this kidney stones appear when accompanied by urinary tract infections, ranging from the kidney, ureter, and bladder areas. If the fever is too high, then the life of the sufferer automatically participate threatened. Conditions like this should get immediate treatment.

8.Kidney swell 
When the size of kidney stone is large enough, then it can block the flow of urine so hard to get out. As a result, the kidneys will 'drown' in the urine and experience swelling, in medical terms called hydronephrosis. The stomach part enlarges and when the area is touched, it usually will hurt.

So this info more are common complain for patient experience ,Those are some symptoms of kidney stones that should not be underestimated. Once one of the symptoms began to appear, then immediately consult a doctor to be treated earlier.
the most important for you to understand is the conditions that require you to immediately seek emergency treatment for kidney stones are as follows:

*Have a fever or chills, which may indicate an infection.
*Stop producing urine.
*You have a history of kidney removal and have only one kidney.
*Excessive nausea and vomiting.
*Experiencing confusion or severe fatigue.


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