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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

How to Lower Insulin Rate Securely

How to Lower Insulin Rate Securely in your life 

Bismillahirahmanirahim,The presence of the hormone insulin in the body is needed to balance blood sugar levels. But if the levels are too high, it can have a negative impact on health such as the emergence of obesity, hypertension and high levels of fat in the blood. And in the long term it can lead to type 2 diabetes and heart disease. So before it's too late, find out various ways to reduce the following insulin levels.

There is various ways to reduce insulin levels that can be applied
A healthy diet and active lifestyle play a key role in reducing insulin levels. Someone with insulin and high blood sugar levels are required to undergo a low-carbohydrate diet while accompanied by consumption of foods rich in fiber and protein.Lifestyle which tends to be lazy must be changed to be more active, especially for office workers who often spend hours and hours sitting at the computer. Practice exercise at least 3 times a week and if necessary intermittent fasting so that the decrease in insulin levels is more effective.

Here's how to reduce insulin levels completely:

Low Carbohydrate Diet intake.
Of the 3 existing macronutrients, namely carbohydrates, proteins and fats, carbohydrates are the ones responsible for the surge in blood sugar and insulin instantly. Therefore, it is important to apply a low carbohydrate diet so that the levels of both in the body remain controlled.
Eat foods with a low glycemic index and combine them with protein and high-fiber foods to meet complete and balanced nutrition. Eat the right portion, don't overdo it.
As much as possible, avoid fast food as well as junk food and a number of foods and drinks with added sugars such as dried fruits, sweets, energy drinks, soft drinks, syrups, ice creams and others.

Oil Fatty Fish Consumption
Fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines, snapper and tuna provide high-quality protein. And so far is the best source of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids that have all kinds of benefits, including in helping to reduce insulin levels and triglyceride levels in people with obesity, gestational diabetes and polycystic ovary syndrome (polycystic ovary syndrome, PCOS).

Take advantage of Natural Materials
Some natural ingredients that are known to help control blood sugar and insulin levels are green tea, apple cider vinegar and cinnamon. Green tea can be taken twice a day, both in the morning and at night. Apple cider vinegar can be taken as much as 2 tablespoons after a big meal. While cinnamon can be enjoyed by adding it to the food and drink that you want to serve.
If it is necessary, consume supplements or chemical drugs that can reduce blood glucose and insulin levels.

Get rid of stomach fat
The presence of belly fat (visceral fat) is closely related to many health problems. One of them is by increasing inflammation and insulin resistance which encourages hyperinsulinemia. Before it develops into a more serious health problem, get rid of existing abdominal fat immediately.
The first way is of course by exercising regularly, then proceed with increasing fiber intake and high protein foods, getting enough sleep and quality, fasting and various other ways

Try Intermittent Fasting
The results of studies conducted by experts show that intermittent fasting has been shown to help reduce weight and insulin levels as effective as limiting daily calorie intake.
Intermittent fasting is a dietary arrangement that applies the fasting cycle without having to avoid or consume certain foods. There are 3 main methods that can be applied depending on the ability of each body, namely, the 16/8 method, the method "eat, stop, eat", and finally the method 5: 2.
The 16/8 method is applied by fasting for 16 hours every day, while the remaining 8 hours are intended as meal times. The method of 'eat, stop, eat' is a day of fasting and a day of breaking fast. While in the 5: 2 method, it is done by applying a normal diet (1800-2000 calories) for 5 days and in the next 2 days calorie intake must be limited to a maximum of 500-600 calories.

Apply Active Lifestyle
Whether we realize it or not, technological advances often make a person become lazy to move and love practicality. For example, by choosing to ride an escalator or elevator instead of having to climb stairs. Prefer to spend time with the gadget rather than having to bathe in sweat outside the home. And various other examples.
Lifestyle that seems lazy is actually very not good for health, especially for owners of high blood sugar / insulin levels that are so vulnerable to chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes. Therefore, start moving actively and productively from now on. Not only as a way to reduce insulin levels, but for overall body health.
Start first with simple things, such as preferring to climb stairs, take a light walk for 10 minutes each sitting for 1 hour, cycling rather than motorized when having to go out at a distance that is not too far away and various other simple ways that can be applied but often ignored .

Continue with Routine Exercises
After getting involved full of active lifestyles, then continue to exercise regularly at least 3 times a week for 30-60 minutes / once a sport. To reduce insulin or blood sugar levels, cardio or aerobic exercise such as cycling, jogging, aerobics, running or swimming are the most effective.

In order to be more energetic and can be applied continuously, invite family, friends or close relatives to exercise together. Or join the sports community spread in their respective cities.


Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Weakest Heart

The Types of Weakest Heart 

Bismillahirahmanirahim,In the early stages, weak cardiac characteristics may have no symptoms. But once the condition gets worse, then various conditions can arise. Therefore recognize the weak heart symptoms from the beginning so that you can anticipate it. The absence of severe symptoms of weak cardiac arrest, make the sufferer still alive and normal. It is these that often deceive many, they do not realize that the heart is weakening from time to time.
       However, whenever you experience weak cardiac characteristics, you should immediately consult your doctor. This is because in some cases, weak cardiac symptoms can deteriorate rapidly so as to threaten safety. One of the major causes of heart failure is cardiomyopathy. In most cases, this disease will make the heart muscle in a weak condition so unable to pump blood to the whole body as it should. Based on the cause, whether coronary heart disease or drug side effects, there are actually various types of cardiomyopathy. But they all can lead a person to experience weak cardiac characteristics.

Here are the features of the weak heart that you should be aware of:

Short Breath 
Whether it's time or activity while relaxing, weak heart patients generally have a short breath. Not only that, some sufferers often find themselves breathless, especially if the activity is too heavy. This condition is caused by weak heart contraction making the blood less pumped well so that eventually a lot of blood that is crowded with lungs.

Often cough
 If you often have a long-standing cough, which does not heal, or often recurrence, it is not a common cough disease. It may be one of the weak heart characteristics. The cause is the presence of fluid in the lungs which can be a mixture of blood and sputum. Therefore, those with heart disease often have blood cough.

Easy to forget 
Not only elderly people who often forget, young people can. One of the causes is the lack of oxygen intake (which is carried blood) to the brain so memory is decreasing.

The heart sounds like a whisper (heart murmur)
 Not only pounding, weak heart patients may find that her heart produces some kind of noise. This sound can be clarified its existence with the help of a stethoscope.

Chest pain 
Something overloaded Feeling And especially after the activity or eating heavily, if you often feel pressure on the chest, it is also one of the most common weakest heart characteristics. Beware also because it can be a sign of the Coronary Heart Disease

High blood pressure or low 
It is no secret that heart disease is often associated with high blood pressure. And these two diseases are synonymous with high levels of salt in the body. As mentioned above, heart failure in working ideally ultimately forces the kidney to store more salt in the body so that blood pressure goes up. However, one of the weak heart characteristics is also characterized by low blood pressure. This is because the weak heart pump function will have a weak pressure as well.

Lack of appetite decreases 
The average heart rate sufferer has no appetite and ideal weight. This is because of the healthy blood intake that should reach the digestive organs a bit, so often a sense of satiety although the sufferer may not eat at all. Also due to disturbance of liver function.

Often headaches
 The lack of oxygen intake to the brain can also make headaches. While the amount of certain substances (such as sodium for example) in the blood is uncontrollable, it can cause less focus. No wonder some people do not realize that he's suffering from a weak heart.

Heart palpitations 
Do not complain If the heart is often pounding (arrhythmia) or too fast (palpitations), when there is no idol in the surroundings, then this is also a sign that you have a weak heart. This is because the heart is trying to mask its weakness by speeding up its performance in distributing blood throughout the body

Easily tired, sweaty, and unconscious 
This symptom is not only caused by a weak heart, as many other conditions can cause it. When the heart fails to contract as it should, oxygen carried by the blood will not spread properly to the tissues and organs of the body. This causes the function of the organs and tissues of the body to decrease so that it makes one easy to tired. Therefore, it is no wonder that weak cardiac sufferers are also easily sweating and unconscious.

Foot swelling Legs and hands look swollen
The trigger may be due to disturbance of blood flow to the kidneys so it forces the organ to produce more hormones. Consequently, salt and water buildup occurs. Swollen feet can also occur as blood flow to the heart becomes obstructed, because the weak heart makes the blood queue to get there.

Swelling Vein in the neck
The next characteristic weak heart is increased jugularis vein pressure (JVP). The venous vein is located on the neck, left and right sides of the front. Increased JVP (jugular vein pressure) occurs due to blood flow from the head area to the heart is blocked so much blood is stacked (blocked). From the outside it will grow bigger.

Finger clubbing 
When cyanosis lasts long, then the growth of fingers and nails will be affected. Finger tabs mean that the fingertip has a larger size such as a drum stick, with a nail so curly.

The term medical cyanosis means bluish, bluish is caused by the amount of carbon dioxide over oxygen in the blood. Patients with weak heart will certainly experience this because blood flow is not smooth so that the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide becomes not as fast as normal people. Blueness can be seen on the lips, palms, nails, and mouth.

The liver Megally
 The explanation is similar to the weak cardiac character in point 8 above, due to blood flow to the heart inhibited, there is a dam in the liver. Thus the liver becomes swollen and enlarged, of course it will cause symptoms of discomfort in the stomach and also decreased appetite.

Large abdomen 
The dehydration of the fluid, whether in the abdomen or lungs, can make the body of the weak heart patients appear bloated or large. This happens because the heart failure condition will cause disturbance as well as liver function. When the liver function is also disturbed, the buildup of the fluid is not only on the feet, but also on the stomach called ascites.

Nausea is the sensation of an urge to vomit. Nausea can be acute and short-lived, or it can be prolonged. When prolonged, it is a debilitating symptom of the Heart weakness, Nausea symptoms are frequently difficult for people to describe. Nausea symptoms are not painful but very uncomfortable feelings that are felt in the chest, upper abdomen, or back of the throat. Nausea can also be associated with the sign of heart problem.

If you are experiencing one or more of the above, then check with the nearest hospital and get a consultation with the Dr. Its better to prevent rather than make it worse .Wallahuaklam

Monday, September 24, 2018

The Good and Miracle of Vitamin D

The Effect of Vitamin D in your body

Bismillahirahmanirahim,If we remember sitting lessons in elementary school, maybe there have been some benefits of vitamin D that we all know for bone and tooth health. But do you know, there are still many vitamin D functions for other body health. Vitamin D is also called sunshine vitamin because it is the only vitamin that can be produced by the skin when exposed to sunlight, with the provitamin D stage in the body being converted to vitamin D. This fat-soluble vitamin is also contained in a variety of types of foods such as tofu, tempeh, soy milk, fish oil and others

 Benefits of Vitamin D For Body Health 
The most important vitamin D function is to regulate the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, as well as facilitate normal immune system functions. That's why vitamin D is beneficial for normal growth and development of bones, teeth, and increased body resistance to certain diseases. So our need for this vitamin should always be met. On the contrary, if the body does not get enough vitamin D, it will be at risk for bone disorders such as osteomalacia (soft bone) or osteoporosis (hollow bone). As mentioned earlier, the primary benefit of vitamin D is for bone health. However, the relationship between vitamin D and bone metabolism is more complicated than you might have thought.The function of vitamin D here is the role of increasing calcium in the bloodstream so that the rate is maintained at normal level. This will be accomplished by increasing calcium absorption through food, then inhibiting calcium expenditure through urine, but there are other adverse mechanisms that are by attracting calcium from the bone matrix when the body is deficient in calcium and there is no source of calcium from the outside (food intake). Thus, vitamin D to maintain bone health will be achieved when our calcium intake is also met. Each bony fish, including sardines or canned salmon, is a rich source of vitamin D and calcium that will support the function of vitamin D for this purpose.

Blood Sugar Controls 
Vitamin D deficiency will make the risk of diabetes mellitus become higher. This is supported by the study that making vitamin D back to normal can help reverse some of the risks. Although research has not been entirely consistent, however, the benefit of this one is very important.

Immunity (endurance) 
Vitamin D has an important role in the maturation of white blood cells, which are the body's defense cells that are the main fortress of our defense against a variety of infectious diseases. In particular, researchers have found a relatively consistent relationship between Vitamin D deficiency and increased risk of respiratory infections.

Other Benefits
 During the past decade, the benefits of vitamin D have become a very popular scientific research topic. For this reason, a new study investigating the benefits of vitamin D continues to appear in different places. Some potential benefits of vitamin D include:

  • Reducing Asthma Attack: A daily dose of 7.5-30 mcg (300-1,200 IU) may reduce the likelihood of asthma attacks in school-age children. Ordinary Flu Prevention: Eating vitamin D supplements can help reduce the risk of upper respiratory infections (ARI).
  •  Rapid post-operative recovery: Adequate blood levels may help speed up recovery after surgery. 
  • Chronic Disease Reduction: Sufficient blood vitamin D levels can help reduce pain in some people, but not all, only people who suffer from some types of chronic illnesses.
  •  Easier Birth Process: Consuming vitamin D supplements during pregnancy can help increase the height and weight of the baby at birth. 
  • Parkinson's Disease Protection: Higher blood vitamin D levels can reduce the risk of Parkinson's development. 
  • Decreasing Mental Pain Related to Age: Sufficient blood vitamin D levels can reduce the risk of mental illness among parents. 
It is important to note that research on the benefits of vitamin D listed above is generally still rare and very likely to be debated. The articles in this article can not be the only health reference or specific information regarding the benefits of vitamin D as the main theme of the discussion this time. Vitamin D plays an important role in the body and it does not need to be debated anymore. As such, always keep vitamin D intake, either through food, sun exposure or a more optimum health supplement. Wallahuaklam.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

5 Kesan buruk dari sifat Marah pada badan manusia.

Apa yang terjadi kepada tubuh badan anda ketika Marah ?

Bismillahirahmanirahim , dalam ulasan blog saya pada bulan ini saya ingin kongsikan tentang perkara yang boleh belaku kepada tubuh badan manusia ketika kita marah.

1. Kesan kepada bahagian otak dan pemikiran manusia
adakah anda pernah rasa sakit kepala dan pada bahagian telinga anda rasa panas serta kepala menjadi bingung apa bila anda marah , ini berlaku kerana Ketika marah, darah akan  mengalir deras ke korteks frontal pada bahagian otak sehingga menjadikan pemikiran anda berada dalam keadaan tidak rasional dan paling bahaya ianya menjadikan anda kurang waras ketika marah (Oleh itu Anda tidak disarankan membuat keputusan ketika saat  anda sedang marah). Sebuah Kajian dilakukan oleh Dr Elizabeth Mostofsky, an instructor in the department of epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston menemukan hasil kajian antara marah mengakibatkan berlakunya stroke yang diakibatkan oleh pembuluh darah pecah di bahagian kepala disebabkan tekanan darah menjadi tinggi. Bahaya bukan jika kita terlalu marah.

2. Kesan Kepada Jantung Manusia
Apabila kita marah tekanan darah meningkat disebabkan penghasilan hormon adrenalin yang tinggi , ini akan mengakibatkan rentak Jantung menjadi laju dan tekanan darah manusia menjadi tinggi , jika ini kerap terjadi maka kesan kepada jantung amatlah buruk ini kerana marah akan menukarkan rentak jantung menjadi tidak stabil , bagi mereka yang mempunyai risiko , kesan ini akan mengakibatkan mereka berisiko mendapat serangan jantung yang lebih 3 kali ganda , oleh itu apabila anda marah debaran jantung itu memberitahu bahawa jantung anda sedang bekerja terlalu tinggi yang memungkinkan anda boleh kena serangan jantung ( sebab tu banyak drama melayu asal marah je sakit jantung , memang betul lah tu )

3. Kesan kepada Paru paru
Adakah anda perasan ketika anda marah dada anda menjadi sempit dan menyebabkan anda bernafas dengan laju , ini kerana pembuluh darah anda berkembang dengan terlalu drastik dan akan mengakibatkan peparu anda mengembang 2x ganda bagi menyeimbangi pernafasan anda , sebab itu kita apabila marah nafas menjadi pantas dan kuat , kesan buruk ialah ianya akan mengakibatkan peparu anda menjadi kejang dan sempit sehingga menyukarkan anda bernafas , bagi mereka yang mempunyai masalah lelah dan asma risiko mendapat serangan asma adalah 5x ganda , sebab itu marah ini boleh menyebabkan juga anda rasa hendak pitam kerana oksigen tidak sampai ke otak disebabkan paru paru anda tidak dapat berkembang dengan normal.

4.Kesan Pada Imun sistem
Kajian yang dilakukan para penyelidik mendapati orang yang kerap marah selalunya mempunyai pelbagai masalah kesihatan antaranya mudah kena demam , selsema , batuk ,paru paru berair dan yang paling kita takuti ialah ianya mengundang Kanser , ini kerana marah akan mengakibatkan hormon stress lebih banyak dirembeskan oleh otak , oleh itu sistem pertahanan badan manusia akan menjadi semakin lemah dan mudah dijangkiti oleh bakteria dan juga virus , so hendak imun sistem badan yang kuat kurangkan sifat marah anda.

5.Kesan pada sistem saraf manusia.
Kesan sifat marah juga amat memberikan kesan yang buruk kepada sistem saraf manusia , ini kerana ianya akan mengakibatkan otak menjadi celaru dalam menerima apa apa isyarat dari sistem saraf , sebab itu kita lihat selalunya orang yang terlalu marah mereka menjadi kebal dari sakit dan mereka mampu melakukan pekara yang merbahayakan tubuh badan mereka , sebagai contoh jika mereka marah dan mengamok mereka kebal dari tembakan ,ini terbukti kerana isyarat sakit akan terputus untuk diterima dari otak disebabkan tekanan darah yang terlalu meningkat , sebab itu juga kita biasa lihat mereka yang marah ini akan cuba menyakiti tubuh badan mereka dengan melakukan sesuatu diluar jangkaan disebabkan sistem saraf menjadi lumpuh sementara.

Oleh itu kesan marah ini banyak negatif dari positif kerana boleh dikatakan seluruh sistem tubuh badan manusia akan menjadi rosak dan tidak normal, kajian juga menunjukkan orang yang panas baran ini selalunya umur mereka tidak panjang disebabkan kerosakan dari segi rohani dan fizikal yang akan memberikan kesan dalam jangka masa yang tertentu .
Ingat lah rasulallah pernah bersabda

  • "Apabila salah seorang antara kamu marah,dan ketika itu ia dalam kedudukan berdiri, maka hendaklah ia duduk kerana hal itu akan menghilangkan marahnya dan kalau tidak, maka hendaklah ia berbaring." (Riwayat Muslim)
  • "Marah itu datangnya daripada syaitan, dan syaitan itu diciptakan daripada api, sedangkan api itu hanya dipadamkan dengan air. Oleh itu, apabila salah seorang antara kamu marah, maka hendaklah ia berwuduk." (Hadis Riwayat Abi Daud)

Sebagai orang islam jadikan ianya sebagai panduan kerana sifat marah ini mengundang keburukan daripada kebaikan wallahuaklam.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

5 type disease cause by Mosquito

The common disease cause by mosquito.

Bismillahirahmanirahim, As i understand in human being nature , We never like mosquitoes and don’t want to see them around any time during the day or night. We are understand and believe that mosquitoes are the most dangerous insect in this world. A lot of diseases can trigger by this smallest insect; Some of them are minor while others are life-killing. So let see there is 5 type of common disease are brought by mosquito.

1. Dengue Disease (Aedes Mosquito)

In Malaysia or south east asia , Dengue fever is, no doubt, one of the most dangerous and deadliest diseases caused by this small insect . It is common among the people living in tropical and subtropical climates especially at the area of Equatorial climate .The research had show an Aedes mosquito is responsible for this disease.The infection cause because the Dengue mosquitoes multiply in the cells of our body, causing high fever, headache, joints pain and rashes as the initial disease symptoms. In the Medical condition treatment The doctors recommend acetaminophen; however, no certain medications and treatments available for this disease And the goal of the treatment is to reduce an implication cause by this disease.

2.Malaria (Anopheles Mosquito)

Another disease cause by mosquito and common in South east asia is Malaria Fever , Malaria happen when virus Plasmodium falciparum or Plasmodium vivax entering to the Human body.It can be happen when Female Anopheles mosquitoes bite the human beings and transmit any of these viruses into the blood stream. The virus will going to the main blood flow and this migrates to the liver and ruins its proper functioning. The research show the malarial parasites keep on multiplying within the body until the symptoms like fever, chills, sweating, headaches and severe-flu start appearing even cause the human body become weak and half paralyses.In Medication treatment The most common and highly recommendable anti-malarial drug is made of quinine.

3.Chikungunya ( Aedes aegypti  Mosquito Or Aedes albopictus)

In Malaysia at 2013 there is a one of the fever is know Chikugunya was attacking to the whole village and lucky it was able to control not to become separate.This fever is another deadly disease caused by Aedes mosquitoes especially Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus. Mostly the  symptoms of this disease include joint pain, headache, vomiting, back pain and skin rashes. In medical management the disease is manageable if proper medications are prescribed and treated early and  Some of the pain relieves of Chikungunya include ibuprofen, naproxen and paracetamol, the person who had infected this disease mention their feel their spine is look like to be broken and cause a burning and severe pain at whole body joint.

4.Japanese Encephalitis ( Culex Mosquito)

Another Deadliest disease cause by mosquito is Japanese encephalitis in 1998 at Bukit Pelanduk Malaysia this disease was separate to the whole village as it started from Piggery farming and separated the disease very quickly . It is a serious infectious disease of the brain. This is caused by the biting of mosquitoes as we known Culex type that was infected and transfer to the human body by bite it. Japanese encephalitis is a common disease of Asia, New Guinea and north Queensland. Some of the severe symptoms of this disease include high temperature, convulsion, coma and severe headache. The doctors usually cure the patients of this disease with vaccination.

5.Lymphatic filariasis (All Mosquito type with infected)

This disease also cause by a Mosquito , it commonly known as elephantiasis, is a neglected tropical disease and most infected this case is happen in South east asia and Africa . The  Infection occurs when filarial parasites are transmitted to humans through mosquitoes. Infection is usually acquired in childhood causing hidden damage to the lymphatic system.The painful and profoundly disfiguring visible manifestations of the disease, lymphoedema, elephantiasis and scrotal swelling occur later in life and can lead to permanent disability to the person who are get infected.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Bahaya HMFD pada Kanak kanak

Serangan HMFD (Hand , Mouth ,Foot Disease)

Bismillahirahmanirahim , Semalam di siaran berita dan juga di akhbar Masalah jangkitan HMFD di Malaysia telah menular dengan pantas dan sebanyak 40,000 kes telah dilaporkan. Ini merupakan satu statistik yang perlu kita berjaga jaga terutama bagi mereka yang mempunyai anak anak yang masih kecil.Penyakit ini adalah biasa terjadi kepada golongan kanak-kanak berumur 5 tahun ke bawah. Penyakit ini tidak serius walaupun ia sangat menular. Walau bagaimanapun, anda perlu membawa anak anda berjumpa doktor untuk mendapatkan rawatan yang cukup serta mengambil langkah langkah pencegahan awal bagi mengelakkan berlaku komlikasi serta penularan yang lebih luas.

Tahukah anda apakah itu HMFD ?
Masalah jangkitan Penyakit tangan, kaki, dan mulut atau “hand, foot, and mouth disease” (HFMD) adalah jangkitan yang sangat mudah merebak dan juga mampu tersebar dengan cepat . Ini kerana penyebaran penyakit ini dilakukan oleh virus dari genus Enterovirus,  dan yang paling biasa ditemui kepada pesakit adalah “coxsackievirus”.  secara umumnya virus ini boleh tersebar dari satu individu ke satu individu yang lain melalui hubungan langsung melalui tangan yang tidak dibasuh atau permukaan yang tercemar dengan sentuhan. Ia juga boleh dihantar melalui air liur, najis, atau rembesan pernafasan orang yang dijangkiti. Jangkitan Penyakit tangan, kaki, dan mulut dicirikan dengan tanda tanda global yang mudah dikesan antaranya  lepuh atau luka di mulut dan ruam pada tangan dan kaki. Jangkitan ini boleh terjadi kepada semua peringkat umur, tetapi kebiasanya ianya kerap berlaku pada kanak-kanak yang berusia di bawah umur 5 tahun. Secara umumnya, keadaan ini membawa simptom ringan dan  bertambah pulih dengan sendirinya dalam beberapa hari.Tetapi sebagai ibu bapa ianya harus diambil berat kerana wabak penularan ini amat mudah menjangkiti kanak kanak.

Gejala Gejala yang dilihat.
Selalunya dalam pengamatan mata kasar .Gejala penyakit hfmd mula berlaku dalam tempoh tiga hingga tujuh hari selepas jangkitan awal. Sesetengah individu yang dijangkiti tidak akan mempunyai gejala terutamanya orang dewasa, tetapi mereka boleh menyebarkan virus ini  kepada individu lain terutama kanak kanak. Waktu paling berjangkit dan mudah terjadinya penularan semasa 7 hari pertama penyakit.
Antara Gejala serta simptom penyakit hfmd adalah termasuk:

  1. Individu yang dijangkiti akan Demam
  2. Mempunyai rasa Kurang selera makan
  3. Akan terasa Sakit tekak
  4. Terjadinya Sakit kepala
  5. Rasa kerengsangan serta tidak selesa
  6. Sakit pada otot dan sendi
  7. Terjadinya Lepuh yang kemerahan dan menyakitkan di dalam mulut
  8. Timbul gejala Ruam merah pada tangan dan tapak kaki
  9. Berlakunya Ulser pada lidah dan mulut
Bagaimanakah Penularan Wabak HMFD ini.
Disini adalah pemahaman yang paling penting kepada ibu bapa untuk memahami bagaimana penularan ini boleh berlaku , kerana ada sesetengah ibu bapa yang memandang kes ini sebagai satu benda yang mudah dan enteng , ini antara punca terjadinya penularan wabak HMFD ini.

Untuk pemahaman pembaca ,Penyakit hfmd tersebar dari individu ke individu yang lain melalui hubungan langsung dengan virus yang menjangkiti  individu tersebut (sama ada Coxsackievirus A16 atau kurang biasa enterovirus 71). 
  • Kajian menunjukkan Virus ini paling biasa dijumpai di kawasan hidung dan kerongkong tetapi juga dalam cecair atau najis individu yang telah dijangkiti. 
  • Masalah utama tentang Virus ini , ianya boleh bertahan pada permukaan yang tidak bernyawa seperti desktop, telefon , baju, permainan kanak kanak , trolli pasaraya , tempat duduk makan kanak kanak  dan sebagainya.
  • Virus ini  kemudiannya boleh berpindah serta menjangkiti dengan menyentuh permukaan yang terkontaminasi dan kemudian individu itu menyentuh hidung, mulut atau mata tanpa disedari dengan tangan yang telah bersentuhan dengan virus tersebut , terutamanya kanak kanak yang gemar memasukkan tangan di dalam mulut.
  • Di pasaraya atau di mana mana  dengan individu yang menukar lampin bayi yang dijangkiti tanpa memakai sarung tangan atau tanpa mencuci tangan dapat menyebarkan penyakit hfmd ini dengan lebih pantas
  •  Meminum Air tercemar dengan virus juga boleh menyebarkan jangkitan ini terutama kedai makan yang tidak membasuh pinggan serta cawan yang telah digunakan oleh individu yang dijangkiti.
  • Paling merisaukan bagi Wanita yang  telah dijangkiti sebelum kelahiran boleh menyebarkan jangkitan kepada bayi mereka di dalam kandungan terutama kandungan yang hampir bersalin.
  • Selalunya Bayi pada konteks amnya  akan mempunyai simptom yang ringan tetapi perlu dipantau dengan teliti ini kerana dalam kes-kes yang jarang berlaku bayi ini boleh mengalami jangkitan yang lebih teruk atau mengalami komplikasi yang membahayakan nyawa mereka
  • Masalah Penyakit hfmd tidak boleh dijangkiti dari haiwan

Antara fakta tentang Virus HMFD ini ialah ,Virus yang menyebabkan penyakit hfmd mungkin kekal di dalam saluran pernafasan atau saluran usus untuk beberapa minggu hingga beberapa bulan selepas semua simptom telah pulih. Oleh itu, individu yang telah dijangkiti  mungkin boleh menyebarkan jangkitan ini walaupun ianya telah pulih sepenuhnya. Sesetengah individu (kebanyakan orang dewasa) mungkin tidak menunjukkan apa apa tanda atau simptom semasa jangkitan mereka tetapi secara tidak sengaja ia dapat menyebarkan penyakit ini kepada bayi dan kanak-kanak yang mempunyai sistem imun yang lemah. Oleh itu ingat jangan cium bayi bayi yang baru lahir jika anda pernah mengalami gejala yang disebutkan.

Rawatan bagi Masalah Penyakit HMFD 
Bawa anak anda mendapatkan rawatan jika ianya dijangkiti dan kuarantinkan anak anda dari bersentuhan dengan kanak kanak lain , ambil ianya sebagai tanggungjawab yang baik kerana penularan wabak ini amat mudah , Untuk pengetahuan anda ,Dalam kebanyakan kes, penyakit hfmd boleh sembuh tanpa rawatan dalam tempoh tujuh hingga 10 hari. Selalunya Rawatan utama penyakit HMFD  adalah untuk melegakan simptom demam dan sakit tekak. Melalui rakan saya pakar perubatan kanak kanak , Antibiotik tidak disyorkan dalam rawatan penyakit virus ini kerana ianya berpunca dari virus dan bukan bakteria .Dalam sesetengah kes yang teruk  Intravena imun globulin (IVIG) telah diuji sebagai terapi untuk pesakit yang teruk atau pesakit dewasa yang mengalami sistem imun yang lemah. Bagi kanak kanak tujuan rawatan diberikan untuk mengelakkan kanak kanak ini mengalami dehidrasi atau kekurangan air yang boleh mengakibatkan masalah lain.

Antara rawatan lain untuk penyakit hfmd yang diberikan oleh DR ialah
  1. Ubat atau preskripsi “over-the-counter” untuk melegakan lepuh dan ruam
  2. Ubat tahan sakit, seperti acetaminophen atau ibuprofen, untuk melegakan sakit kepala
  3. Ubat sirap atau “lozenges” untuk meredakan sakit tekak

Selain itu juga antara rawatan di rumah untuk membantu meringankan gejala penyakit tangan, kaki, dan mulut. ialah dengan

  1. Menyedut ais 
  2. Makan ais krim 
  3. Minum minuman sejuk.
  4. Anda hendaklah memberi individu yang dijangkiti memakan atau mengambil buah sitrus, minuman buah-buahan masam, dan soda.
  5. Tidak mengambil makanan pedas atau masin.
  6. Berkumur menggunakan air garam di dalam mulut juga boleh membantu melegakan kesakitan yang berkaitan dengan lepuh mulut dan luka pada kerongkong. Lakukan teknik ini beberapa kali sehari atau sekerap yang boleh bagi membantu melegakan .
Sebenarnya masalah jangkitan ini boleh dikawal jika semua ibu bapa memainkan peranan dan juga masyarakat peka dengan keadaan semasa , elakkan membawa anak anak yang telah dijangkiti di tempat awam dan pada ibu bapa ambil giliran bercuti untuk menjaga anak anak anda , kerana pencegahan yang paling baik adalah bermula daripada anda. Wallahuaklam.

Monday, July 30, 2018

The Food that can make you sleep faster

5 food can boost your sleep .

Bismillahirahmanirahim ,  i believe some people will have often difficult to close eyes at night? Do not worry and rush the drug consumption, the following natural food consumption can help you to sleep faster and effective  , From the Quoted from Eating Well, Saturday (3/2/2018), here's a list of foods that can make you feel drowsiness after eating it. Hopefully tonight it's not awake until it's too late.


Incredible fact and i didn't notice until i read and try on it ,Most fish, such as salmon and tuna, are a good source of vitamin B6. As published by the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences the Vitamin  from fish is required to produce melatonin or hormones that make you sleepy. So at dinner take a fish for your booster of sleep.

2.Cheese and Yoghurt

Clinical nutritionist from Integrative Medicine Center at Cleveland Clinic says dairy products can develop immunological reactions (casein and whey intolerance) on proteins, so they are susceptible to fatigue.Its one of the reason when you have difficulties in sleeping , take this two food and you will start to feel sleepy.

3.Bananas or nuts

Consumption of bananas will boost the  magnesium absorption  that help body muscle cells become relaxed. Similarly other magnesium sources such in a nuts, especially almonds, cashew nuts and peanuts. But in a certain dose, will make someone experience unusual drowsiness.

4.Eat rice before bedtime

In Asia i believe  rice is one of the most we take , with eating rice at dinner and when you are full and do not do anything, you can feel drowsy. Likewise when you eat rice and its side before bedtime. Although it makes you sleepy but these habits can cause stomach acid or gastroesophageal reflux. Avoid eating before going to bed, eating foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts like almonds, which do not cause sleep problems.

5.Wheat bread.

Wheat bread is usually consumed as a breakfast menu and can make sugar levels rise in the morning. Not least you will feel active and energetic. But the glucose intake of wheat bread will quickly fall down so it can make you fast sleepy even when it's too early.

    Drowsiness after eating is one of your body's responses to chemical changes caused by digestion. This means that this is normal for everyone. However, if drowsiness always comes up every time you finish eating and are very disturbing your activity, this may be a concern. Drowsiness after lunch can also be disturbing when you have to do the work again after lunch. But this 5 type of food is one of the alternative for the people have a sleep difficulties at night and i believe it will boost your sleepy hormone for your quality of sleep .Wallahuaklam.

Cara hilangkan Panau cepat

Menghilangkan panau secara perubatan dan tradisional

Bismillahirahmanirahim , semalam baru perasan di belakang badan adik saya terdapat tompokan tompokan putih yang biasa kita lihat , kalau di sekolah dulu kami memanggilnya sebagai peta minda,
tetapi dalam bidang perubatan pekara ini dipanggil Panau ataupun dalam istilah perubatan dipanggil sebagai Tinea versicolor dimana ianya merupakan jangkitan kulat yang kerap terjadi pada bahagian permukaan kulit manusia. Ia akan menyebabkan kawasan kulit mempunyai tompok putih(hypopigmented) ataupun tompok hitam(hyperpigmented) antara ciri ciri panau yang terjadi.
kawasan tubuh badan yang sentiasa berlaku  ialah dibahagian dada, belakang badan, leher dan juga tubuh badan yang lain celah peha dan juga ketiak.
Adakalnya masalah ini boleh berlaku secara berulang-ulang kali. Ia selalunya berlaku pada lapisan kulit paling luar yang dikenali sebagai Stratum corneum dalam istilah perubatan.

Bagaimanakah Panau ini boleh terjadi?
Untuk pengetahuan umum ,Masalah panau  ini  disebabkan kulat yang bernama Malassezia.( nama kulat pun MALAS) tetapi kajian juga menunjukkan nama kulat ini , Sebelum ini dikenali sebagai Pityrosporum. Terdapat 14 species Malassezia yang telah dikenal pasti punca terjadinya panau seperti Malassezia globosa, Malassezia sympodialis dan banyak lagi . Sejenis kulat yang dikenali sebagai Malassezzia furfur pula merupakan kulat yang selalu ditemui pada kulit yang menghadapi masalah panau ini. Kulat ini boleh ditemui pada kulit yang tidak bermasalah dan juga pada kulit yang mempunyai panau. Kulat Jenis Malassezia furfur mempunyai dua fasa kejadian yang akan menentukan sama ada mereka menyebabkan masalah panau ini ataupun tidak:

Fasa pertama ialah Fasa Yeast (Fasa Pengeraman)
Dimana Pada fasa ini, kulat masih didalam bentuk spora lagi dan tidak bertindak aktif. Ia boleh didapati pada bahagian kulit yang normal  di sekitar badan manusia

Fasa Kedua ialah Fasa Hypea atau (Fasa perebakan)
Pada peringkat fasa ini, kulat tersebut telah mula tumbuh dan ia juga akan mengeluarkan perebakan yang dikenali sebagai hyphae. perebakan ini bertindak seperti akar yang akan tumbuh ke dalam kulit untuk mendapatkan nutrien dan juga zat bagi penerusan hidup . Selain itu Hyphae juga akan menghasilkan beberapa jenis bahan kimia seperti asid azelaic dan juga enzim lipooxygenase yang boleh menyebabkan kurangnya penghasilan unsur melanin pada kulit manusia. Seperti mana yang perlu anda  tahu,penghasilan sel sel  melanin merupakan salah satu pigmen yang menyebabkan kulit kita gelap dan berwarna . Tetapi Apabila sel sel melanin ini kurang dihasilkan,Maka kawasan tersebut akan kelihatan putih dan ia dipanggil sebagai panau (Macam nilah terjadinya Panau)

Masalah kulit Panau  ini merupakan penyakit kulit yang tidak berbahaya dan hanya menyebabkan tompok putih ataupun gelap pada kulit , Apa yang paling penting untuk anda faham ialah Ianya tidak boleh berjangkit kepada orang lain kerana ia merupakan organisma yang normal pada kulit manusia.
Perubatan atau Rawatan panau akan mengurangkan kulit panau dengan menjadikan ia mengering dan tercabut, akan tetapi ia mengambil masa untuk tompok putih itu menjadi normal semula.

Faktor memungkinkan terjadinya Panau.
Antara beberapa faktor risiko yang  memugkinkan terjadinya  kulat panau adalah:

  • Persekitaran yang panas dan lembab (Cuaca di Malaysia & asia tenggara)
  • Individu yang mengalami masalah sistem imun seperti pesakit HIV, kencing manis dan sebagainya Penyakit Kulit
  • Kekurangan nutrisi
  • Penggunaan steroid atas tujuan perubatan
  • Sapuan minyak pada kulit yang tidak sesuai.

Rawatan Perubatan untuk masalah Panau.
Dalam perubatan ianya terdapat dua jenis rawatan iaitu sama ada penggunaan ubat sapu ataupun makan. Tetapi untuk kes biasa tanpa komplikasi yang membahayakan pesakit selalunya ubat sapu sudah cukup untuk merawat masalah panau tersebut

Antara Ubat sapuan biasa diberikan 
  • Selenium sulfide
  • Tacrolimus
Ubat sapuan anti-kulat
  • Candazol
  • Miconazol
  • Ketoconazole
Secara Amnya Kesemua ubat ini mampu merawat serta membunuh kulat pada kawasan panau tersebut. Sebaik baiknya penggunaan ubat ini perlulah digunakan selama 2 minggu bagi memastikan kesemua kulat disitu dihapuskan sepenuhnya tanpa memberikan kesan sampingan
Manakala untuk ubat makan jenis anti-kulat seperti Fluconazole ataupun itraconazole selalunya diberikan kepada pesakit yang merasakan lebih mudah mengambil ubat makan berbanding ubat sapuan. Selalunya ubat ubatan makan ini haruslah dirujuk kepada Dr .

Rawatan Tradisional Untuk Panau.

Penggunaan Bawang Putih 
Orang Melayu terkenal dengan pelbagai petua yang diturunkan dari turun temurun , saya masih ingat lagi Arwah Nenek saya menggunakan Bawang putih yang telah dipotong , digosokkan 2 kali sehari iaitu pagi dan malam pada kawasan yang berpanau ini , alhamdulillah selepas seminggu digunakan masalah panau ini hilang dengan sendiri , Sekarang baru saya tahu Bawang putih bersifat anti kulat ,dan itu yang menyebabkan ia mampu untuk merawat panau ini.

Penggunaan Halia dan Lengkuas 
Ada juga petua yang saya dapat dari rakan rakan bahawa menggunakan hirisan halia dan lengkuas juga mampu untuk merawat masalah panau ini , caranya hampir sama bahagian panau ini digosokkan dengan hirisan halia dan lengkuas ini dalam 2 kali sehari terutama pagi dan malam.

Itu adalah antara cara dan juga merawat panau secara sendiri , tetapi ingin saya tekankan jika masalah panau ini terlalu kronik atau parah , anda haruslah merujuk masalah ini dengan Pakar Kulit (DR KULIT) bagi mengatasi dan juga merawatnya , wallahuaklam.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

5 types of foods can cause joint inflamation

The type of foods can cause joint inflamation

Bismillahirahmanirahim , did we notice some of the food we are taking in every consuming will creating or cause an inflammatory in Joint and tissue, the key factors is when you have arthritis, your body is in an inflammatory state present, So be aware in your life in what you eat may not only increase inflammation, it can also set you up for other chronic conditions such as a common obesity, heart disease and diabetes. So here i want to share a 5 types of  food ingredients that may trigger more inflammation in our bodies.

I would say every one is love sugar and consume on it , Sometime it  may be hard to resist desserts, pastries, chocolate bars, sodas, even fruit juices that been serve to us. However,if you read in some of articles and journal, the researcher was warns that processed sugars trigger the release of inflammatory messengers called  that was called cytokines. I will share with you a simple tricks that Sugar will goes by many names, so  for us please look out for any word ending in "ose," e.g. like glucose ,fructose in their ingredient labels.

2.Omega 6 Fatty Acids
Its look a health food and need in human body but be aware ,when we are kids and youth , Omega 6 fatty acids are an essential fatty acid that the body needs for normal growth and development. The body needs a healthy balance of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids , but when you excess consumption of omega-6s can trigger the body to produce pro-inflammatory chemicals. These fatty acids are found in oils such corn, safflower, sunflower, grapeseed, soy, peanut, and vegetable; mayonnaise; and many salad dressings.

3. High Salt Food.
Foods that have a lot of salt are definitely not an option for you who are in trouble with joint pain and muscles. Salt will aggravate the condition of your joints and cause a stronger pain effect.
When the salt content in the blood increases, the balance of the fluid in the body will be disturbed and trigger a rise in blood pressure. While a number of joint and muscle pain complaints are associated with disorders in blood circulation, the effects that occur due to increased salt levels in the body will exacerbate pain in the joints and muscles.

4.High Protein Food
A number of foods contain protein that is complex and difficult to digest. From this digestive process then the liver will produce residues that we know as purines. Purin will naturally be processed by the body into uric acid. When uric acid levels are high in the body, your joint pain and muscle pain can be worse. Additionally, avoid high-temperature preserved meat with roasted process. A number of proteins in the meat not only trigger the production of excessive purine residues, but also turn the formula into an AGE or Advanced Glycation End compound. This type of processed protein triggers the production of cytokens, which is an inflammatory stimulant enzyme compound, which in turn will aggravate joint and muscle pain. Even in the 2009 study revealed by the Icahn School of Medicine it is advisable to completely avoid all types of high-temperature processed meats and through high-temperature roasting or baking process to prevent inflammation.
Not only meat, but food from milk products is also said to have a negative impact on joint pain and muscle pain. According to Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, the number of components in the product also has a stimulant effect on cytokens.

5. Alcohol Drink and Cigarettes
Everyone knows the effect of Alcohol , Alcohol contains high purine levels so those who consume alcohol will automatically increase purine levels in their bodies. Obviously alcohol is a food that causes muscle and joint pain that you should avoid. Because the increase in purine in the body will increase the formation of uric acid that disrupts joint health.
The same thing can happen to those who consume cigarettes. The rate of toxin in cigarettes is high enough and will disturb the circulation and oxygen intake in the blood. Ultimately this condition will exacerbate your joints and muscles. Since the cells in the joints and muscles need fluid blood circulation and adequate oxygen supply to recover.

My advise as Therapist is simple ,If you have trouble with this complaint, you should avoid the types of foods that cause joint pain and muscle as above. So if you have sought treatment for joint pain and muscle, but still not very helpful, try to check again the food that is consumed daily.
Try to find out which kind of food that should aggravate your complaint, and do not eat it anymore on other occasions. With the right diet, you can reduce inflammation and improve the health of the joints that are disrupted and the most important is consult your Dr if your problem is still persist . Wallahuaklam.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

5 Foods can Causes High Blood pressure

5 Foods Causes High Blood pressure in your daily life

Bismilllahirahmanirahim , High blood pressure or hypertension can cause many serious health problems, such as stroke and heart disease. As a preventive measure, you should recognize what foods cause high blood pressure! .Hypertension is a condition where the pressure in the blood vessels exceeds the normal limit of 120/80 mmHg. Lifestyle, including the type of food consumed, has a major influence on the occurrence of these conditions. Therefore, it is important for you to know the following types of drinks and high blood pressure foods.

lets check it out in our daily consuming.

1.Salt or Sodium
In  Asian country salt use is one of the highest in the world , this is the variety of  Asian dish use a salt as one of their menu.Excess salt or sodium can lead to hypertension. The maximum consumption limit is 2,300 mg of sodium per day. As for patients with hypertension, consumption is recommended less than 1,500 mg of sodium per day or a third teaspoon.
In addition to table salt, high levels of sodium are also found in processed foods including pizza, canned food, packaged tomato sauce, processed meat, soy sauce, and ready-to-eat foods. Therefore, this variety of food is included in foods that cause high blood pressure.
On food packaging labels, sodium is sometimes disguised with 'Na' or 'soda'. So keep an eye on the composition listed before choosing it.

2. High Fat Food
We are understand ,Consumption of high content of saturated fat and trans fats can increase levels of bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein / LDL) in the blood. When the consumption is done repeatedly, LDL will accumulate and clog blood vessels in the vessels that aggravate the condition of hypertension to trigger coronary heart disease.
Trans fats are often found in packaged foods as well as fast food. This type of fat is used because it can maintain the taste and extend the shelf life of food.
Excess fat content can be contained in fried foods, red meat, chicken skin, butter, full cream milk, and coconut oil.

Not many know, sugar was also to be limited to people with hypertension. The reason, excessive sugar consumption can cause obesity which increases the risk of high blood pressure.
Limit consumption of sugar per day for men is 36 grams or about 9 teaspoons. While women should limit sugar intake as much as 24 grams or equivalent 6 teaspoons in a day.
To keep sugar levels normal, avoid the consumption of sweet foods and drinks. For example, cakes, coffee with additional artificial flavorings, sauce also fruit juice packaging, and canned fruit.
Sugar also has several pseudonyms in the packaging label. For example, sucrose or high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS). So keep your eye on that name.

4.Energy Drink ,coffee or Caffeine drink
One reason a person becomes awake after drinking coffee is the work of caffeine that temporarily increases blood pressure. This condition is not dangerous if it happens occasionally. But if too often, can be a trigger of hypertension.
Limit caffeine consumption is 400 mg per day or equivalent to 4 cups of coffee. In addition to coffee, soft drinks, tea, and energy drinks can also contain caffeine.

5.Alcohol Drink
People who are addicted with Alcoholic drinks, including red wine, should only be consumed 1 time per day for women and 2 times per day for men. Suggestion per serving equal to 1 glass of wine size 100 mL or 1 can of beer size 350 mL.
Overuse of this type of beverage and in amounts exceeding the recommended limit, may increase the risk of hypertension.

       Although the cause of hypertension is not known for certain, the type of food consumed plays an important role in the condition. Some of the foods that cause high blood that you need to avoid are alcohol and high sodium dish.
Instead, choose a high-fiber dish and rich in minerals. The dish can be found in vegetables, fruits, grains such as wheat, as well as nuts such as almonds.
In addition to maintaining a diet, diligent exercise can you apply. Not only high blood pressure, exercise can keep you away from various other health problems. Wallhuaklam

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