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Friday, January 8, 2016

Shoulder pain after stroke

Today in this entry I want to share some tips on how or what can be done to avoid pain in the shoulder after stroke.

Problems shoulder pain suffered by stroke patients often occur because of the family members uninformed about the care after a stroke.
here I include a brief of the tips to avoid these injuries occur.

The shoulder pain should be referred to the physiotherapist to know exactly what the level or the level of pain suffered by patients.
1.      follow all instructions taught by a physiotherapist before leaving the hospital
2.      make any observations condition muscle structure, skin and also the degree of pain involved.
3.      learn proper technique handhold when doing activities such as helping the patient move the patient to stand or walk.
4.      Adequate support and protection of the hemiplegic arm are essential at all times
·         – Pillows to support shoulder and maintain alignment
·         – Elevation to prevent oedema
·         – Positions that avoid patterns of spasticity
·         – Bexhill arm rest on wheelchair
5.      Learn the proper technique to use Sling (Arm Sling)
6.      when the patient is sitting, make sure support the arms and shoulders with a pillow, and make sure the shoulder level is not too high or too low.
7.      just do a workout in the shoulder when you really learn from the physio without risk to patients.
8.      when put on the clothes do the weak hands and followed with a strong hand.
9.      Make sure you do not yank or pull the hand debilitated patients when patients walk and change positions.
10.  Avoid using overhead pulley when the shoulder pain is acute.

Insha allah  this tip is simple and can give you a some info about prevention we can possibly do without doing harm to the patient ..

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