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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Benefit of sleep in Prophet Muhammad way

Today the entry i would like to share a scientific reason and one of the good effect of the our body when we understand about sunnah and we can follow it as example. 
as we know Sleep is an activity for the rest of the body after a full day's activities. Its a human needs to get a sleep but it is not uncommon to break the process is not qualified. So that when you wake up, instead of re-fresh but even more limp body, we must understand that sleep is one way humans get the optimum break

Prophet Muhammad  is a prophet exemplary included in sleep problems. Prophet who lived about 1400 years ago appeared to have healthy sleep ways that have health effects after investigation by scientists today. Ways of the Prophet's bed turns recognized by scientists as a means to bring health to the body.

Here the Sunnah or the Tips to get a good sleep
1. Sleeping In Dark without light
Prophet Muhammad   in his life always sleep in the dark. Based on the hadith of the Prophet, dark conditions during sleep is to avoid the view that roam the dark demons. But beyond that, the way the Prophet Muhammad   is very beneficial for our health.
A biologist Joan Roberts found that there is a relationship between the immune and bright conditions while sleeping. People who turn the lights on throughout the night while sleeping, decreased levels of the hormone melatonin, which plays a role in encouraging the optimal antioxidant activity. Besides a decline in the immune system so susceptible to the disease.
 It turns more dangerous effect was published in the journal Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics. In the journal writing if lighting using artificial light will affect the body's biological clock and can trigger excessive expression of cells associated with the formation of cancer cells.
 Research from the Society for Neuroscience, in San Diego in 2010 also describes the correlation between the light and the level of depression. In the study concluded journal turns night shift workers and others who are always exposed to light at night increases the risk of mood disorders or depression.
 I believe to say All western scientists study is certainly a reinforcement of the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad on orders to sleep in the dark. "off the lights when going to bed, close the door, close it tightly shut jars and food and drink" (HR.Muttafaq'alaih).

2. Sleeping With Facing to the Right side
During his lifetime the Prophet also slept facing the right direction. In HR. Al-Bukhari no. 247 and Muslim no. 2710, the Prophet Saying that 'Lie on your right side,'. In ancient times, people may think that Islam is indeed prioritize the right than the left, so that this recommendation refers to the primacy earlier. But apparently, the command of the Prophet provide medical effects are so amazing. Scientists have discovered the benefits of this in modern times, when the Prophet have known since 1400 years ago.
 its showing in research and the study, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology loaded New York Times February 21, 2011 and found that sleep position with your right side can reduce the risk of heart failure. This is due to the sleeping position of the right will  make heart is on the left side is not crushed by other organs. It turns out, is not only beneficial for the heart, sleep on your right is also beneficial to other organs, like the brain, stomach, bladder and many other organs.

3. Do not sleep on Prone position
The Prophet Muhammad   never approached a man who slept in the prone position at the Mosque. The Prophet woke him and said, "you stand up or sit actually sleep it is to sleep in jahanam hell." H.R .. Ibn Majah.
 The above hadith clearly forbid people to sleep on trough stomach. It turns out the prohibition of the Prophet Muhammad  is not without cause. He forbade the sleeping position because it is dangerous for health. In the era of modern medical studies found that sleep face down or prone could cause lack of oxygen which can affect the heart and brain. It is certainly harmful for the body because the two organs have a very vital function.
 A person who sleeps with the way his stomach on his stomach after a certain period would have difficulty breathing because the whole weight will be pressed to the chest that prevents the chest to stretch and expanded during breathing. It can also cause lack of oxygen which can affect the heart and brain , it will cause the person feel lethargic and also lack of energy in a day time due to poor of oxygen reach to the brain.
 Researchers  Dr. Zafir al-Attar stated that an increase in mortality in children by three fold when they sleep on his stomach than if they sleep with a sideways position. Sleeping with the prone position at a certain period will cause stomach trouble breathing because of all her weight pushing on the chest.

4.Avoid sleep in Supine 
Prophet Muhammad  also forbade his people to linger sleep on their backs. Having studied in the media, it turns sleeping with this position suppress or oppress the spine, can sometimes even cause we wanted to toilet frequent.
 Moreover, according to research by Dr. Zafir al-Attar, a person sleeping in a supine manner will cause a person to breathe through his mouth. But naturally  human should breathe through the nose, not the mouth. This is because on the nose are fine hairs and mucus that can filter out impurities come together sucked the air we breathe. Breathing through the mouth is one of the causes of a person prone to flu. Besides breathing through the mouth will cause dryness of the mouth that can cause inflammation of the gums and throats
This position also tends to cause people snoring more frequent as we know it one of the problem can cause the brain didn't have enough of oxygen 

5. Straighten backs and Little Bend Legs
In his sleep, the Apostle slept with her spine straighten it aims to make organ - other organs feels relaxed so as to accelerate blood circulation. Do not forget the Prophet bend a little leg, it is intended that relax the abdominal muscles. Bend your legs slightly during sleep helps the organs and abdominal muscles themselves more perfect for relaxation. So that we are more comfortable sleep.
The research showing sleep in this position will make yours sleep more quality and also can help your digestive organ functioning well.

6. Slept on Hand
Turns Prophet preferred to sleep with mats made of animal skins filled with fiber. The position of the body when to sleep facing towards the right and never sleep on stomach. His head was given a pedestal as a pillow. However, sometimes using one hand placed under her cheek.

In research show It turns behind this simplicity, there are medical benefits that try taught Prophet Muhammad  . Turns slept on hand will make the position of the head, neck and back create a straight line. Indeed, the neck is not straight during sleep cause neck pain  .This method is help to create a neutral spine alignment in a natural way.

7.Sleep earlier 
The Prophet Muhammad  recommended that Muslims immediately after Isha sleep if there are no other matters. If examined in terms of health, the night is excretion in the liver neutralize toxins, so it needs a  quiet and calm situation  But if we stay up then this excretion did not go smoothly as it should. So in a long period of time can cause liver cancer.
Sleeping with the flick of the bed its can help us from get bitten from small insect and also prevent us to get a itchy due to dust and allergen
Prophet always get used to flick his bed before bedtime with Dua and recitation This custom made to expel demons or jinn who sleep our place. If assessed medically, these activities can clean the bed of dirt that may cause disease in along term

Hopefully the above information into new knowledge for you. Deeds executed Prophet exemplified is actually the best thing for the people , the science is prove since 1400 years he had been practice and show to the human that this is the secret of the human body to react in a sleeping  . So what it does, it should be an example though to all human to use and understand the beauty of islam.

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