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Monday, April 18, 2016

Healthy food not so healthy

Nine Alternative Food 'Healthy' Not So Healthy

Bismillahirahmanirahim and good morning , in modernize life there is so many alternative food tell their healthy but in other terms its not. The food was often deemed more beneficial to health and wellness is an alternative that has been converted into low calorie, fat or food or diet drinks. But you know it's not often alternative  healthier food.
Foods such as salad dressing to lean fat was removed by its manufacturer and has replaced fat with materials that are less healthy, such as high fructose corn syrup.

Here the info i  want to share to all readers that we always think its good for our heath but there is something hidden inside the indigent ,9 Alternative Healthy Food Not So Healthy is:

1) Fat Free Milk
You might think this is good, but do you know that all the fat in the milk produce include vitamins that are good for health, such as A and D. Although some skim milk replenished vitamin A and D, but it is not a naturally fat milk. According to one study, most of the less fatty foods cause you to eat more because these foods are less filling.

2) Low Fat Peanut Butter
Fat in peanuts is actually good fats for health. Manufacturers remove fat from nuts and replace it with material that is not good for the health of artificial sweeteners and carbohydrates are not good for health. My suggestion is we Preferably choose peanut butter contains just peanuts and no preservatives and others.

3) Alternative Meat From Soy
Food alternatives to meat made from soya is indeed lower in fat than meat but it has been processed by a lot (highly processed). Examples of soy foods made artificial steak or chicken nuggets were added fat, sugar and processed flour.

To get the benefit of soy get it in the form of a lack of processes such as edamame, tofu or soy fresh water (instead of cans or boxes that have been processed).

4) Dutch Chicken Fat (Fat Free Turkey)
Most of the output of turkey contain too high in sodium to maintain freshness especially lean. Turkey meat that has been packed also contains sodium nitrate is very high.

Should choose a fresh turkey (whole bird and free range) and cook it yourself or if you are short on time select pieces that are low in sodium and all natural.

5) Gluten Free Cookies (if you do not suffer from celiac disease or gluten intolerance)
This is because cookies or gluten free bread which is not lower in calories than containing gluten even as they contain higher calories.

6) Low Fat Microwave Popcorn
Do not think if you buy more healthy low-fat popcorn because it actually contains 48 kinds of harmful chemicals from artificial butter, glue and dye. Employees who process low-fat popcorn experiencing respiratory problems during processing at the plant as a result of artificial butter.

Instead cook popcorn as usual and if you want to replace butter, use a better fat such as olive oil.

7) Frozen Food Diet
Food from frozen meat contains Butylated hydroxytoluene, chemicals may increase the risk of cancer. Also polysorbate 80, a chemical used to make oil and food do not separate when you eat. It is also used in shaving cream. Frozen foods also contain high sugar such as dextrose, molasses, corn syrup, maltodextrin, and high fructose corn syrup. Frozen food food diet is said also replace fat with sodium very much.

Instead get fresh meat, and if you want to use fat, use olive oil.

8) bread Light Low Calorie
Indeed, reduced fat in this sandwich, but it's just bread with white flour with the addition of sweeteners. It is not a healthier choice because it contains 30 calories higher than ordinary bread. To find out Always read the label before buying practice.

9) Crackers (Chips) Low Fat Vegetable
Indeed, it is low in fat but they contain very high salt content. Avoid it for your health rather take fruits and fresh vegetables as snacks.

Avoid processed foods for health and regularly take fresh food, The most important thing is regular exercise and good stress management is the key to live healthier .Wallahuaklam,,
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