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Monday, April 11, 2016

Danger of Diet Soda

Bismillahirahmanirahim and good morning , just feel fresh to  share a some of  info regarding diet soda , I know a lot of people think when their love to take soft drink the diet soda is the best choice ,Many women prefer this type of low-calorie soft drinks have no calories or directly known as the 'diet soda drinks apparently does not cause fat they can maintain weight rather slim. My question is can we trust on it?

As I know from questionnaire to my patient, drinks such as diet soda 'is popular to be taken by women who wanted to drink water instead of carbonated and some of them mention to me their own doctor is allow diabetics people to drink this drink this is because of low sugar content and low calories are there in the 'diet soda than other carbonated drinks.

Drink Diet soda is the first carbonated beverage producing fizzy diet drinks marketed to women who want to remain slim body and fear of fat. But today, the 'diet soda are also marketed to men and children as one of the gas nutritious drink (Its that really true ).
Although these drinks only contain artificial sweeteners such as aspartame that are low in calories even when hydration is said to be the best source, but drink 'diet soda' still has 

As your knowledge and info, has no nutritional drinks and good for the body. According to a study conducted at the University of Miami, people who drink diet soda 'more often face the risk of stroke and heart attack. Not only that, it also faces the risk of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.
Artificial sweeteners contained in the 'diet soda I can say it only confuse the body's ability to manage calories based on taste less sweet. Because of that, many people tend to eat sugary foods fooled by large quantities up to weight gain. (I am not saying that its from research ok)

In fact, drinking 'diet soda' is not necessarily beneficial for you. Beverages high in calcium such as milk and drinks high in vitamins and fiber, such as fruits and vegetables instead of juice is the best option for all. So here the Tips for those who still want to enjoy carbonated drinks, you can mix it with joy juice carbonated mineral water. To add a natural sweetness, pick honey or stevia extract that is known as a natural herbal sweetener. This is a new low in calories! So you can change your diet more healthier.


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