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Monday, December 28, 2015

Dealing insomnia in a goodway

Hopefully my knowledge shared with readers all can benefit.
for entry this evening, as night time gave me the idea to type ..
in this era had difficulty sleeping is one of the causes of chronic diseases such as hypertension or high blood pressure is why I say so, because we need enough sleep at least 6 hours or 8 hours for an optimal rest.
here I would like to share some tips to overcome this problem.

1.      to overcome this difficulty sleeping the first thing I practice is to exercise in the evening, I spent the afternoon with activities that exercise can help, because the body will fatigue when performing physical activity, and insha Allah at night it helps we sleep well.
2.      Keep caffeine based drinks like coca cola or pepsi drinks, coffee and Nescafe is a cause of sleep difficulties in the evening, mainly after 5pm, because within 4 hours effects of caffeine will act to speed up the heartbeat and sends oxygen supply to brain that causes us to be fresh.
3.      Avoid installing bright light sleeper and surround the eyes, it is better if a light sleeper it is not installed on the ceiling and use mini lights that can be switched by putting in a sheltered part of the brain that we do not produce results in sensory response we had sleepless nights points.
4.      Keep yourself using gadgets, which can lead to blue light emitted causes your brain to be conscious.
5.      Avoid installing radio and avoid noise that can disturb your sleep, make sure the bedroom is not put at a strong second sound.
6.      Wear a stocking on the leg, as the study stated, the heat produced at the feet will help the process of deep sleep.
7.      If you are Moslem, remembrance and prayers of the poor, not the heart but in a whisper, if you do this automatically you will fall asleep because your brain will secrete a hormone called endorphin, which has a calming hormone that is produced by God Almighty.
8.      Create your bed the beds were clean and comfortable, just take the example of a simple design, such as a hotel, for a designer to have invented the element of relaxation.
9.      If you want to make sure your optimal sleep do not eat much before going to bed, as if eating a lot of digestive system had to perform a task that is more and this causes your brain active.
10.  Another thing that is difficult to understand by people, sleeping with emulate the Sunnah of the Prophet sleep with ablution, crushed right flank as the study stated by the Prophet's sleep helps smooth breathing and heart cavity is squeezed, the body will get a good blood circulation, the will help your body in a relaxed insha Allah it easier to sleep.
Insha Allah, if viewed more ways that can help to overcome this isomnia, can not you care if it interferes with your life routine, tip that I share with you is a part of the experience with patients who share with me when they were in the ward, and The technique is also practiced by myself where some of these tips can help us get efficient sleep.

Wallahuaklam ...
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