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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Best treatment for acne in natural way

Natural way to treat acne

for review today I want to share a little bit about how that can be said to be quite neutral or without the use of medicines in overcoming this problem of acne,
I shared this experience results from experiments on myself and my brothers, thank God its is showing  a positive results

Method 1
Use tea tree oil, as long as I have acne, I read a lot about the advantages of this oil, what do I know it has anti-inflammatory effects as well as a germicide, we are aware of acne can be transmitted to the other, method of use Tea Tree oil is to dip a clean cotton swab and apply a layer of skin affected by acne, acne its effects will become dry, Be sure do before going to bed and do not use more dye because it can lead to dry skin.

Method 2
Drinking green tea. I do not deny that drinking green tea is very helpful in resolving an issue with my acne, it works as an anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant that helps to overcome another hotel.The acne is a secret technique I use green tea as a cleanser and thank God proved to be effective ,

Method 3
Honey is one of those specified in the Qur'an, it is amazing elixir, what do I do and try to my brother is my one tablespoon of honey mixed with a tablespoon of oats and I toss and paste on the surface of a pimpled face, I let for 30 min, and the results can be seen within 4 days.

Method 4
Aloe vera leaves, what if the wake-up time before I took a shower this aloe vera and rub my face, let in 15 min I wash the dishes, the results are very encouraging me pimples containing pus recedes over factors aloe leaves serve as wound healing and anti germs.

Method 5
Clove, who knows clove has the power in treating acne, I remember, when a had a toothache  my father will bite the cloves to treat teeth, here I see it is as an anti-inflammatory function, what I do, I blend clove and make it my powder mix with water and apply to the skin that have acne, it amazing in 3 days the acne is less and  red shrink.

The way I use here is more on my experience, everyone is different its effects vary, insha allah I am confident that in this way because it does not use chemicals that we do not know in beauty products, the materials are easy to find and can be found at about our environment, hopefully it can help young teens who suffer from acne


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