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Monday, September 7, 2015

Exercise at Office or working place

Fit to work Exercise

I have a lot of patient mention to me there is very hard for them to find the easiest way to do the exercise, so here I want to share what is the exercise that you can practise in the office as one of your routine.

1      Try to arrange your work to achieve a mix of sitting and moving around.
2.    Get your body moving by doing a few exercises every hour or so. This
a.    will increase circulation, send more oxygen to the brain, and help you
b.    stay alert.
3.    All the exercises should be done gently.
4.    Sit comfortably and take five slow, deep breaths before starting the exercises.
5.    Breathing should be relaxed throughout.

6.    Repeat all exercises three times.

 1. Stretch
Stand up and put the heel of your
hand into your lower back. Draw your elbows
back and down. Keeping your head and neck
steady with chin tucked in, slowly arch your
back and look to the ceiling.

         2.Forward press:
Gently interlock your
fingers. Press your palms away from your
body, gently stretching the forearm muscles,
fingers and the muscles between your
shoulder blades. Hold for five seconds

3.     Back of forearm and wrist stretch
With your elbow straight, tuck your thumb
in and make a gentle fist. Bend your wrist
forward gently stretching the forearm
muscles, wrist and fingers. Hold for five

4.     Side to Side turning
Sitting slightly forward in your seat, rotate your mid- and upper-back to the right, holding on to the backrest of the chair with your left hand. Hold for five seconds. Do the same in the opposite direction

5.     Elbow Flare
Put your hands behind your
neck, loosely grasped. Keep head and neck
tall. Squeeze below the shoulder blades
and take elbows back, taking care not to
press on the neck. Hold for five seconds

6.     Neck Turning
Rotate your head left then
right, taking care to keep your eyes on the
horizon and aiming your chin at your
shoulders. Use your eyes to focus on

something in the distance.

7.     Chin Tuck
Sitting tall, imagine you are
suspended by a piece of string from the
crown of your head. Keeping eyes level
with the horizon, tuck your chin in to make
a double chin. Hold for five seconds

8.     Shoulder Retractions
Stand or sit up straight. Pull your shoulders back behind you, squeezing shoulder blades towards each other. You should feel the stretch across

your chest. Hold for five seconds..

So hope with this guideline i created , insha Allah will give you idea how to make a move in a simplest way when you in office..


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