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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Best way to Shrink Stomach After Childbirth

Tips To shrink stomach after childbirth.

Bismillahirahmanirahim ,At the time of pregnancy, the mother's body will change as the growth of the fetus in the mother's abdomen. Mother's body will accommodate the growth of the baby and the baby's needs. The more babies grow mothers during pregnancy, mothers abdominal muscles will be stretched to make room growth of the baby and birth preparations.
After giving birth takes time to restore its original shape of the stomach, so that faster then we need a way to shrink the stomach after giving birth. In these efforts, the necessary exercise and dietary

How to Shrink Stomach after Delivery by Exercising ?

To  start the exercise, must first convince the mother to the doctor, if it is allowed to exercise and what exercise may be performed after delivery ?
But there are some simple exercises that can be started two days after giving birth. The first to do is breathe in the breath or arrangement. The setting of breath, by taking a deep breath can train muscle strength and skin mother. 
  • Train breathing by taking a deep breath through your nose, feel the mother's chest and abdomen expand and exhale slowly through the mouth and stomach deflate felt until optimal. Practice this simple exercise five times.
  •  Give milk to children's mother, exclusive breastfeeding. Breastfeeding burns calories and release the hormone oxytocin that causes uterine contractions. This causes uterine contractions and helps shrink the uterus and stomach mother back to its original size.

  •  Standing upright and hold your abdominal muscles. Hold this position and did while breathing. Position- aims to contract the abdominal muscles so that your abdominal muscles tight back. Do this several times a day. 

  • Exercises can be done while sitting or lying down at the time. If, after consultation with the doctor and the mother can start to exercise, then start pelvic exercises such as calisthenics kaegel with the purpose tighten the pelvic muscles.
When you are able to exercise freely then do aerobics. Aerobic exercise can help burn excess calories from fat, overall including belly fat and good for the heart

How to Shrink Stomach after Childbirth by Adjusting Diet ?

  • Adjusting your diet is not less important. 
Be careful not to diet too quickly. Wait until at least 3 months or 6 months after delivery. Moreover, when mothers exclusively breastfed baby mother. Mother should provide enough nutrition for babies mother. When the mother of a diet too quickly, it can also interfere with the recovery period after childbirth
  • Avoid excessive calories. 
As the food was excessive sugar, simple carbohydrates, and fats are unhealthy, these things lead to weight gain. Although these foods are a favorite food mothers like ice cream, soda, pastries, and assorted dessert can cause hoard fat in the abdomen. Therefore, to support efforts to shrink the stomach after giving birth, then multiply eat vegetables and fruits with the aim of increasing consumption of fiber

  • Pay attention to portion size. 
After pregnancy, try eating smaller portions, it will help you lose weight. After delivery the mother no longer eating for two people, not like at the time of pregnancy. Always have breakfast in the morning, breakfast in the morning will begin the process of metabolism is more active mothers and preventing mother to hunger and overeating throughout the day. Drink more water, it helps the mother to prevent dehydration and to help recovery

So that is the simple tips that i can share  on how to shrink the stomach mothers after childbirth. May be useful for all mothers Wallahuaklam.
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