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Friday, October 23, 2015

Physiotherapy and PROCEDURE: Shortwave diathermy-pulsed

The application of a high frequency oscillating field to the tissues via either a capacitor field method or an inductothermy method.
Application will be by pulsed electromagnetic energy.
Any heating effects are dissipated during the long intervals when the output is pulsed.

Frequency range:     27.12MHz +/- 160 KHz - most common range
Power range:            Pulsed mode     -acute          0-3 watts
                                                          -sub acute     2-5 watts
                                                          -chronic        5-40 watts
Application time:     maximum 20 minutes

-           implanted cardiac pacemakers
-           advanced cardiovascular disease
-           metal in the tissues
-           the pregnant uterus
-           the testes
-           local areas of impaired peripheral circulation
-           hemorrhaging tissue, or liable to do so
-           scar tissue
-           area previously treated with radiotherapy
-           malignant tumors / neoplasm
-           acute febrile illness
-           deep venous thrombosis
-           impaired thermal sensation
-           subjects with reduced level of consciousness or impaired understanding
-           some acute skin conditions e.g. eczema, dermatitis

-           burns

-           appropriate hand hygiene

-           appropriate hygiene of plinth, pillows, all surfaces in direct contact with subject

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