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Friday, October 23, 2015

Physiotherapy and PROCEDURE: The application of therapeutic convection and Conduction heating

Procedure of application Heat Therapy
Application may be made by:     heated packs
                                                    electric heating pads
                                                    infra red radiation

The application of heat directly to the surface of the skin, allowing transference of heat by convection, conduction and radiation, to give raises it heating of superficial body tissues. Skin temperature should not rise above 40 degree centigrade.

-           impaired cutaneous thermal sensation
-           defective arterial cutaneous circulation
-           labile blood pressure
-           poor skin condition-open wounds, rashes, skin infections, acute dermatitis, eczema
-           skin hypersensitivity
-           recently healed tissues, skin grafts
-           recent radiotherapy to skin area
-           skin tumours
-           chemical irritants e.g. application of skin creams etc.
-           acute febrile illness

-           burn
-           shock
-           excessive rise in skin temperature

-           appropriate hygiene of all subject contact apparatus
-           appropriate skin care of subject

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