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Friday, October 23, 2015

Physiotherapy and PROCEDURE: The application of therapeutic ultrasound

Application may be by:     direct contact
                                           water bath
                                           solid, sterile gel as a medium
                                           continuous or pulsed output

The application of local ultrasonic transmission to the tissues, such that ultrasound is absorbed and a local thermal effect may result. Thermal effects are reduced through lowering intensity of the pulsing of the output.
Dosage:     frequency     1 & 3 MHz
                  intensity       maximal 2 W/cm²   
                  time             maximal 5 minutes per size of transducer head

-           rapidly dividing tissue
-           infection
-           vascular problems
-           recent radiotherapy to the area
-           specialized tissue e.g. eyes, testes
-           loss of skin sensation
-           fractures metal implants in the treatment area

-           burn
-           tissue destruction

-           appropriate hygiene of apparatus in subject contact
-           appropriate subject skin care and cleanliness

-           hygiene associated with application and removal of  medium

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