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Friday, October 23, 2015

Physiotherapy and PROCEDURE: The application of cold therapy

The therapeutic use of local body cooling to transfer heat energy away from the tissues, thereby lowering local tissue temperature and provoking a thermoregulatory response.
Application may be by: local immersion
                                                                cold packs
                                                                ice towels
                                                                ice massage
Application is restricted to a maximum of 9% of body area at any one time and a minimum temperature of 4° Centigrade and ceases when hyperemia is visible.

-           cold sensitivity – vasospasm, cold urticaria, cryoglobinaemia
-           coronary thrombosis
-           angina
-           hypertension or labile blood pressure
-           sensory deficiency
-           emotional and psychological factors
-           hypersensitive areas

-           excessive local cold – tissue injury
-           pathological conditions which predispose to cold injury, e.g. lower motor neuron lesions, Reynard’s disease

-           appropriate hygiene/cleanliness of ice towels

-           appropriate skin care of subject

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