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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Chair exercise

Exercise on Chair in 2 Steps

Bismillahirahmanirahim , today i want to share a very simple and effective exercise for your body , its call exercise on chair.
what your need is your self and a dining chair..

1st Step .

Get ready. Focus on posture: Sit on your sit bones (if you sit on your hands, you can probably feel them) rather than your tailbone. Tighten your belly (think about bringing your belly button toward your spine), lift the rib cage, hold your neck long and straight, and tuck your chin down and back so you feel a long stretch on the back of your neck. “Feel like you have a string pulling up from the top of your head

2nd Step 

March in place. While you’re holding an upright posture, march in place with your seat firmly planted. Swing the opposite arm as you march each foot forward, Sitting Marching exercise is a fun way , safe and easiest way to gain strength, flexibility and effective in controlling your blood glucose, you even do it at home and in front of tv.

so its simple , effective  and save with no harm , i would say there will no be excuse for you to keep your body fit and health . wallahuaklam.

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