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Friday, May 13, 2016

Khypotic sign and problem

Khypotic posture defaulted 

Bismillahirahmanirahim and today my entry also related one of the posture defaulted that can cause a people get a back pain. Kyphosis is abnormal spine curved forward or backward excessively convex so that the person who experienced it will be a hunchback. Normally, upper back, or upper spinal area, it has a curve or curvature ahead but only slightly. Kyphosis occurs when a natural arch was larger than normal.

If someone has kyphosis, it can be seen the hump in the upper back. In view of the side, upper back look rounded or prominent. In addition, people with kyphosis seemed to bend over and have a visible rounding of the shoulders. Kyphosis can cause excess pressure on the spine, causing pain. It can also cause breathing difficulties because the pressure will be on the lungs.In contrast with scoliosis, where the spine curves to the side so as to form the letter C or S when viewed from behind.

Causes Kyphosis
Kyphosis can affect people at any age. However, it is rare in newborns because it is usually caused by the attitude of the body (posture) are poorly continuously. Kyphosis caused by poor posture called postural kyphosis. Other causes of kyphosis include:
  1. Osteoporosis. Impaired bone-thinning can lead to bone collapse (compression fracture). Osteoporosis is most common in older adults, particularly women, and in people who have taken high doses of corticosteroids for long periods of time.
  2. Disk degeneration. Gentle, circular disks act as cushions between the vertebrae of the spine. With age, these discs dry out and shrink, which often deteriorates kyphosis.
  3. Scheuermann's disease. Also called Scheuermann kyphosis, the disease usually starts during the growth spurt that occurs before puberty. Boys are more commonly affected than girls. Rounding the back can worsen as the child finished growing.
  4. Birth defects. If the baby's spine does not develop properly in the womb, the spine may not form properly, causing kyphosis.
  5. Syndrome. Kyphosis in children may also be associated with certain syndromes, such as Marfan syndrome or Prader-Willi disease.
  6. Cancer and cancer treatments. Cancer in the spine can weaken the bones and makes them more susceptible to compression fractures, as can chemotherapy and cancer treatment
  7. Weakness of the muscles in the upper back

Treatment of Kyphosis
Not all cases of kyphosis should be quickly treated, you should seek treatment if kyphosis accompanied by: pain difficulty breathing fatigue , because the role of the spine that is so important in supporting daily activities, then his health must be considered. Treatment to help correct the curvature of the spine as a result of kyphosis can also help reduce the risk of complications later in life, such as arthritis and chronic back pain.

How to Treat Kyphosis?
Kyphosis treatment will depend on the severity and the underlying cause. In the case of Scheuermann's disease, a child may receive physical therapy, bracing or wire backstop, or corrective surgery. In the case of infection, the patient will be given antibiotics. In the case of tumors, surgical removal may be required. For the case of osteoporosis, may be given supplements of calcium and vitamin D to treat bone damage in order to prevent further deterioration of kyphosis. For kyphosis caused by poor posture, it does not require aggressive treatment. The following steps will help relieve the symptoms:
  • Pain reliever (analgesic)
  •  Physiotherapy (to help build muscle strength so back to normal) 

  • Yoga (to raise awareness of the body and build strength, flexibility, and range of motion)
  • weight loss backers (children and adolescents) 
  • Chiropractic care (for repair spinal alignment) operation (in severe cases)

For most people, kyphosis does not cause serious health problems. It depends on the cause of kyphosis itself. If caused by poor posture, then usually someone suffering from pain and shortness of breath that will get worse in the future. Treat kyphosis early by strengthening back muscles, physiotherapy or chiropractic therapy may help relieve pain and other symptoms, long-term objective is to increase healthy posture. wallahuaklam..

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