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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Physiotherapy and PROCEDURE: Postural Drainage

The use of gravity to facilitate the drainage of excess secretions from the lung

-           subject intolerance
-           swelling of the brain or recent head injury
-           cardiovascular instability
-           a recent history of coughing up blood
-           nose bleed
-           undrained air in the space around the lung
-           hiatus hernia
-           recent ear, nose or throat surgery
-           eye surgery
-           recent removal of one lung
-           recent heart surgery
-           recent stomach surgery
-           unstable spinal cord injury
-           connection between a major airway and the space surrounding the lung

-           hypertension
-           headache
-           recent history of seizures
-           abdominal distension
-           indigestion

-           hand hygiene

-           appropriate management and disposal of expectorated products

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