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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Physiotherapy and PROCEDURE: Analysis of posture and positioning

The detailed anatomical evaluation of the posture of an individual subject, performed through observation and objective measurement, including video and photography. The positioning and evaluation of an individual subject in sitting, supine and side lying, with the use of cushions and wedges.
By necessity, in the circumstances of observational assessment and handling when physical contact may occur, the subject will be required to wear only underwear and no footwear.

-           inappropriate subject presentation
Prior to undertaking a manual handling task the assessment of risk associated with the task must be undertaken by consideration of:
-           task factors
-           individual factors – the skills, competency and physical ability of handler (physical abilities will include consideration of health status, gender, pregnancy, age disability and anthropometric status)
-           load factors
-           environmental factors
Risk should be reduced so far as it is reasonably practicable – if sufficient reduction of risk is not possible the manual handling activity should be avoid.

-           every effort must be made to protect the subject from unwanted exposure
-           inadequate assessment or management of risk as identified above.

-           appropriate hand hygiene
-           appropriate cleanliness of equipment before & after use

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