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Friday, March 10, 2017

Push Up Benefit in Human body

Bismillahirahmanirahim ,Benefits push up is great for men and women who want to strengthen the muscles of the body. Exercising is one way to maintain health and fitness. And if you want a sport that can provide benefits to every part of the body, then push-ups is one of them.
You just need to do a push-up correctly to avoid injury. To prevent the wrist hurt, for example, could not hurt you holding a dumbbell in each hand, rather than placing the palms directly on the floor. Put both hands wider than shoulder, and right aligned under shoulders
Meanwhile, to prevent injury to the spine or back, I am suggesting the body should be in one straight line when the push-ups, ranging from head, neck, hips, ankles up.
Another thing that is equally important is to do it slowly. What matters is not how many push-ups you are able to do, but if the movement is correct or not. After the body straight, slowly lift the body away from the floor and take it down again without changing position. If the difficulties in the beginning, then you can do that using a traditional push up both knees as a pedestal. In practice, this sport is also easily modified. No need to use the floor, you can also use the wall as do standing push-ups. Push ups can also be combined with other movements, such as burpees that combines push-ups with a jump squats, and so forth.

Benefits Push Up

 1. Strengthen and Build Muscle in the Upper Body Parts
When doing push-ups, all the major muscles in the upper body will be trained, including chest muscles and triceps. Therefore if you want to strengthen these muscles, doing push-ups on a regular basis. Not only that, push-ups also help increase the production of HGH (growth hormone), which plays a role in building muscle mass. With a strong body and a solid, everyday performance, either in work or exercise, may increase.

2 .To help improve Other advantageous Body Muscles
Not only major upper body muscles, the benefits of push-ups can also be felt by other muscles such as the neck, shoulder / shoulder, biceps, thigh, hamstring, until the toes of which are very rarely practiced.

3. Improves your Body Balance
Compared to other endurance exercises, push-ups is one of the safest thing to do because the body is in a balanced position while doing so. Push ups do not like the bench press which limits the movement of the shoulder bone / shoulder, so it is not at all likely to cause pain due to an injury to the tendon in the shoulder joint.
4. To Prevent Neck and Shoulder Pain
Due to the muscles in the shoulder also moves when you push up, then the muscles circuit conditions will be more flexible and powerful that it cannot easily experience pain or injury.

5. Preventing Lower Back Pain
Push ups can strengthen the abdominal muscles, lower hips, and lower back, so that all can support the spine well. Because torso so stable, then lower back pain can be prevented. So if every day you often carrying or lifting stuff, then do this exercise on a regular basis to prevent lower back pain

6. Correcting your posture.
Want to keep your back straight in the right way? Just do push-ups, because this sport requires the individual person to straighten his back so it will remain upright when standing.

7. Strengthen the  Bones Tissue
Benefit push-up, this one is certainly very good, because this sport is one type of resistance training that utilizes the body weight. Just like other endurance exercises, push-ups can make bones stronger and healthier, especially the wrist to the shoulder. Push ups also keep the bones in order to remain solid thus preventing osteoporosis

8. Increase Testosterone Levels
A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research revealed that testosterone levels will increase when the muscle fibre are trained. And if testosterone increases, the risk of osteoporosis, obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure will decrease

9. Strengthen the Heart
Although not included cardio exercise such as running, push-ups but also beneficial heart healthy because it can stimulate blood circulation in the body. If the blood circulation smoothly, the work of the heart become lighter.

10.Helps Lose Weight
Push ups and other resistance exercises may not burn as many calories as aerobic exercise, but for this exercise builds muscle, the calories will burn faster. Push ups can also increase the speed of the body to metabolize that help you lose weight.

11.Practical and economical
 Benefits of push-ups next is this sport is cheap because it does not require any special equipment to do so. Additionally, you can do it anywhere, without the need to go to the gym

12.Increase Endurance Body
In addition to eating healthy foods, 4 healthy 5 perfect, the body must be active in order to increase endurance. By doing push ups on a regular basis, the body will be encouraged to strive for fitness so they can do it on a daily basis. Blood flow smoothly, then automatic defence cells in the body becomes active so not easy to get sick

13.Build Up Six Pack
Being stomach Six Pack If before your stomach is one pack, the benefits of push-ups can make it more macho "six-pack" or to be wonderful for women. Movement that helped push ups tighten the abdominal muscles will accelerate the burning of fat in the abdomen and the abdominal muscles as well as forming an ideal

14.Firm breasts
Having healthy breasts with ideal size and well-toned would be the desire of all women. Actually, the size can be formed if the texture is firmer, so useless sized if not tight. This is where the role of sports push-ups, do not believe? Please try!

15.The success of Diet Program
For those who are currently undergoing a diet to gain weight and ideal body shape, then push up is the right sport. Benefits push up the course will help burn fat in the body. Push up movement will burn fat especially those on the body of the muscles involved, such as the arms, shoulders, chest, abdomen, hips even.

So the conclusion is simple, Push up the benefits will only be achieved when done properly. The most important thing is the right way, not how much or how many time you are doing , so let get rids it.

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