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Friday, July 29, 2016

Vitamin for brain in children

Vitamins For Children In order for Intelligent Brains

Bismillahirahmanirahim ,There are so many questions from parents about vitamins for brain intelligence of children who need to be consumed for their sons and daughters to grow into healthy and intelligent children. Actually, to build a smart brain and healthy, especially for children - children not only need vitamins A child's brain, but there are some things that need our attention, namely

1.Maintaining balance sugar intake. 
Limit your intake of sugar is consumed. The more sugar, the excessive consumption up to make children become hyperactive and makes the brain have difficulty concentrating. Protein consumption can reduce the sugar intake of carbohydrates consumed by children.

2. Essential fatty consumption.
 Shortage of essential fatty fat intake primarily affect intelligence and behavior, because 60% of the mass of the brain is composed of fat. Then how this essential fats can be obtained from food? Food for the brain that contain essential fats can be obtained from the consumption of seeds - seeds (sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds), beans, tuna, salmon, sardines, mackerel, eggs rich in omega 3, etc. 

3.Consumption of vitamins and minerals for the brain.
Minerals and vitamins for a child's brain can be obtained from the fruit - fruit, vegetables and supplements to improve brain performance. Mineral and vitamin child's brain can be obtained from a zinc supplement, magnesium, chromium, vitamin C and others. Avoid foods that cause allergies for children and do not contain nutrients such foods contain chemical additives like food foods that contain dyes or artificial preservatives, etc

It can be concluded that the food for the child's brain is not only derived from vitamin brains of children, but also of other nutrients such as protein, essential fats, minerals and other nutrients. In addition, the restriction of food intake needs to be certain that it can reduce the concentration and intelligence. Wallahuaklam..

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